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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What a birthday!!

Charli had a great birthday! We had her party over the weekend with family which she thought was so much fun! On Sunday morning she wanted to do it again. How, exactly, do you explain to a 3-year old that they have to wait 365 days?!! :-)

Her birthday was Tuesday and she went to play with her friends at daycare, which she was very excited about sharing the day with! Which...left me time and freedom to create our favorite little clown family :-)

We had her party at daycare that afternoon, which she was so fun to watch at. She is so very independent and grown up there and very sure of herself. We sang, had our birthday cupcakes, played musical chairs (which Charli won the first round of), broke open a Dora pinata, and Charli gave out her treat bags! She was ready to go home by the end of the day, she was tired! For her birthday meal she picked hotdogs and applesauce!! After supper she opened her gifts from us. Between all the parties she ended up even more spoiled - if that is even possible...she got a lot of things -- basketball hoop, dora blanket, dora pj's, cleaning toys, outdoor sand, mini basketball hoop, dora lego treehouse, playdoh, books, barbie scooter, tent, toothbrush, fingernail polish, uno cards...and the list (believe it or not) goes on and on!!!

She is already talking about her next birthday and birthday party!! Thank you to everyone who made her day extra special with cards, phone calls, gifts, and visits!! She is so appreciative and expresses her excitement so well!!

tuckered out from all the parting!

watching "3 little pigs" in her new tent!

one happy daddy...and little girl :-)

this is what she ran back with after Dora's head was busted off of her body!!

watch out, your are a brave, brave man Lonnie!

"what color is my tongue mommy?"

slurp it up!!

my fingers are pink!!!!!

Charli and Lynn

her nice birthday picture!! She is fully attached to this carebear!! It isn't even "hers" I had it many years ago, and she buddies up to it for some reason!!

her silly face, which we have to do EVERY time we take pictures now!

and the sad face which always follows...

her excited face!

followed by her MONSTER face!!
Happy Birthday Charli - so hard to believe you have been here for 3 years already. You have done so much in those few short years, more than some of us in our lifetime! There was a day we didn't know what your 3rd birthday would be like - and now those feelings, memories, and (most of the time) worries are a distant memory. God blessed this world on July 28th, 2006 - and it will never be the same!! Thank you for choosing us on this earth, and thank you for telling me every day that you 'love me so much mommy' each morning...and end each day by telling me that I am 'your best friend'...we love you!!


Anonymous said...

What an adorable little 3 year old! Full of personality and love:)
-Abbie O

Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday!!!
she is so cute!
Flor (

Rachelle said...

Happy belated Birthday Charli! Sounds like you had an awesome time! Fabulous pictures - and I love the clown cupcakes!

AndreaChad said...

So do Lynn and Lonnie do daycare together? Or does Lonnie work elsewhere and just come for all the parties?! He is always in the pics you have from parties...that's why I ask!