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Friday, March 21, 2008

Time to think

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile, I have pictures up - so I hope that will make up for it!
I have had the opportunity to do a lot of thinking and reflecting this week...and it has put a lot of things in perspective, and raised a lot of questions. Next Friday we take Charli down for her scans. Of course we expect good news, but you can't help but wonder and worry. Right about now around our house you will see the hugs last a little bit longer, and and kisses multiply!!

I have really been thinking about my friend Gina and all that she is having to deal with as her mother faces this new challenge head on. I can't imagine, and feel so helpless wanting to help from 70 miles away. I hope that you have gone to visit her site (under Gavin to the right) and said a prayer for all of them.

It makes me wonder. Do you think that God gives us what we need in life? I don't mean in the sense that he will always provide for us in the way that we can feed our family, etc. I mean in the way that these types of things are "meant" to be in our lives? I look back at my life and think that it is obvious the plan that was laid out for me at times. When Chad was in his accident in 1999, I don't really remember skipping a beat. I got in my car and drove to the hospital, and with help from Chad's family made it to Omaha. I was there with him nearly all the time. At the time I don't think I ever felt it was a burden to care for him or wanted to be anywhere else, I was only 18 years old - so it is kind of hard to understand that now...but I was where I needed to be taking care of and supporting Chad. I think that God put us in that position because he knew it was laying the ground work for what he would grant us with later in our lives. I am just not sure how we would have sustained this life without having dealt with his tragedy.
I think that through Chad's accident we truly appreciate health. I mean, it has been nearly 9 years since his accident and he has struggles daily because of it. Because of this, we treasure the good moments and know what it is like when your health is taken away.
Before Charli was diagnosed with cancer I loved her. But it wasn't until her diagnosis that I realized how much I took her and that love for granted. Between the two miracles that live in my house I have been made to realize the greatness of health and unconditional love.
Sometimes I think that we tend to look at others and pity what they have been given in life. But I think that God gives us exactly what we need! Everyone is missing something in their life, but I think that eventually that void is filled somehow - I just happened to get my fill early in life I guess!! Definitely not saying I am not missing things in my life...just trying to say that I appreciate what I have been given - the good, the bad, and the great!!!!
Have a great Easter and enjoy the time with your family and focusing on your faith. I am sure many interesting and fun pictures will be taken this weekend!
I hope that this weekend as we all celebrate Easter we can all find things that we maybe once viewed as a hindrance that have now bloomed into blessings in disguise. And hopefully through that, when the next roadblock pops up we can have faith that God is giving us exactly what we need.
my newest spider-monkey move!

these are my favorite thing now-a-days!

seriously mom...did you REALLY put MY clothes on these guys...


playing with my cousins!!

hmmm, think these two will get in trouble together?!


knocked out after playing with the Haines girls!

hey!! this coat has pockets too!

Charli still wants to sleep sideways in her crib, the short way! So, she wraps her body around and sticks her feet out the side!! Precious to see!

She likes her toes to be clean!!

it is so FUN to have clean toes!

Where's Charli?! Shhh, she is hiding!! - HILARIOUS!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Preister Family!! Charli is getting so big and your latest pictures prove it!! I continue to pray for good health and happiness for your family. Take care of each other and enjoy every moment together!!

Anonymous said...

You have a way with words!! You are SO inspirational!!! Thanks for sharing the pics of Charli... we are ALWAYS praying for good results!!!~Love Aunt Amanda & Uncle Brad