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Friday, March 28, 2008

a new feeling

Well we are home tonight, and Charli is sleeping - we are tired!! Let's recap our day, shall we?!!

We were to be on the road by 5am...I woke up at 5am, so we rushed around and left the house around 5:10!! We arrived at the hospital around 6:30, Charli didn't sleep on the way down, until we were about 20 minutes from the hospital - poor girl!! We got there and were told that we would have have to access an IV line prior to going down for the CT, we were so thankful. Luckily they were able to set her IV while she was "sleeping". We were told that once she was back up and awake we would be on our way home!!!!

Before she could go into the procedure she had to be looked at by the doctor, and we were actually able to see her primary oncologist. She said that Charli's ear was a little red, but probably just from the crying she had done so far. They took her down right around 8:30, which never gets easier on the inside although it looks easier from the outside!!

When they brought her back to the room she looked a little dazed and confused and quickly started to cry, which didn't really stop for about 45 minutes. Her voice was so horse, they must have scratched her throat with the breathing tube during anesthesia. We were told that when they removed the tube her airway (throat) started to swell shut, so they had to give her special medicine to combat that and also give her a few breathing treatments. They also told us that they suctioned quite a bit of yellow "junk" from her after waking up. She sounded very croupy and just looked like she felt miserable. After a lot of rocking and swaying she finally fell asleep and slept for about an hour. When she woke up, she is the Charli we were missing so badly!!

We stuck around for about 15 minutes to get some food and drink into her before heading home. She did pretty well on the way home, was a bit fussy and we could tell she didn't look so great. About halfway home we started talking about taking her in to see her pediatrician at home to check her ears...especially with all that happened after the CT. When we got home we basically dropped our bags off and went into the clinic! It turns out that Charli did have an ear infection in both ears, as well as inflamed sinuses. We are glad that we took her in, because there was some puss in her ear with the infection...and with it being Friday I would hate for her to have to "deal" over the weekend.

We still have no answers from the CT scan that they did over 12 hours ago. This is a new feeling for us, because we have always known before walking out of those doors what we were dealing with. I trust that God is just taking his time in giving us this news to strengthen our faith and our patience...probably two things that we badly need. However, the longer we go without information the more we make-up our own reasons for why we haven't hear from them yet...and none of those reasons have a happy ending. We are staying positive, and trust that we will hear great news tomorrow...which will make that news even sweeter after having to wait for it!!

For now Charli is sleeping soundly in her bed, wearing new PJ's!! I hope we caught the ears before they started bothering her too badly, so she can just go on being the happy little spider-monkey we all know she is!!

Thanks for the prayers, emails, calls, texts, and treats on or door step tonight! We love them all...and we love you all. Your support means so much, I hope you truly know that you are appreciated and loved by our family!

Charli got to arrive in her PJ's this trip..."I <3> DUCKS!"

Daddy stays pretty close to Charli while we are in the hospital!

This is a face we will never forget, the look of letting a "stranger" take your baby...on a regular basis :-(

Charli got a potty chair!!! We aren't going to start working on it yet, but she does show interest and surprisingly knows how it works and what to do!!! She is such an information sponge, it is frightening!!!

PS. It makes my mind spin to really sit and realize how Charli's little body has not had to really fight anything off until the past few months with the ear infections, etc. It just proves to me how much God is watching over her little body and making sure that she is strong enough to beat these fights she is doing, like like other "normal" little kids get to do! If Charli would have had to face these infections a year ago, life would have been miserable. Praise God for blessings of all kinds, big and small...and all the ones in between!!! We really are so blessed!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information......we ,too, are waiting "patiently" for the results. She certainly had a time with her throat, etc..........glad you took her to your dr.
What a cute little girl.


Stacy from MI said...

Please know that there is someone in Michigan that is praying for the Preister Family today and always. Keeping you close in thoughts and prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see if you heard anything! This must be a long weekend for you all
Jen C