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Monday, March 10, 2008

Relay for Life

I think I have mentioned this before, but Charli is the 2008 Platte County Relay for Life honorary co-chair!! This means that she has a very important job...she will lead the survivors lap on June 27th, a very important thing! This also gives us the opportunity to share her story with everyone who attends that evening, that is exciting to me! One thing they mentioned at the meeting this week (which I got to share Charli's story at) was that one reason they picked her is because her story has reached so far. After I got home, I realized it really has!! She has followers checking on her from South Africa, Austrialia, and probably all 50 states! And, with a name like 'Charli Ann'...when I see her mentioned on other sites or in other places I know they are talking about her!!! She has touched the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a team this year, to celebrate Charli's health, life, and future. We are called "Charli's Angels" cute, right?! Our team's goal is to sell enough luminaries in Charli's name to spell out the word CURE in the stands that night. This means we will need over 150 bags honoring and celebrating her! I want to go above and beyond that as much as we can! We can do it!!

That brings me to my next topic. If anyone would like to purchase a luminary to celebrate a loved one who has survived cancer or would like to honor a loved one who has can do that through our team! The luminary bags are $10 each. We can and will decorate them, or you can decorate them yourself if you would like!! These bags can be purchased in anyones name, including Charli's! You may also make a monetary donation to our team to help us reach our goals. I am so excited to use this event to not only help the American Cancer Society but also raise awareness to Childhood many people out there don't think "kids" when they hear the "C" word...but they need to, sadly.

We hope to have a few events over the next few short months to help us reach our goals, so keep an eye out! In the mean time I will be selling Home Interior candles to raise money for our team. A local consultant gives up her commission to go the ACS, so I hope to take advantage of that. If anyone is interested...let me know! This order will need to be placed by the first week in April - I need to get a move on. We are also open to any fundraising ideas!!!

A BIG thank you goes out to our team have already been great! Charli's GREAT-Aunt Janelle is really pulling the strings behind this project, and we are so proud of all she has already done!!! We can't wait to blow Platte County away with our great team...and information about our super-girl, Charli!!

I am sure I will talk about this several times in the future...I hope everyone else is as excited about this as I am!!! If you have any questions or want to know how you can help - drop me a note! We won't turn away any walkers for that night...or supports for the fight!


Anonymous said...

The Russell clan is planning to be there to show our support and walk for the cure!! See you all VERY soon!

Deqlan said...

CHARLIS ANGELS! love it! You continue to inpsire us and the absolute passion and devotion you have for supporting our cause is inspiring to us all. Charli continues to get cuter and what a clever girl! We shall always continue to check in our our John Deere spider monkey and prayers continue each and every day! Have a lovely day! God Bless and love
Samm & Deqlan
p.s- hi to charlis grandma to!