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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Well, we hope Charli sleeps well tonight! We need to be at Children’s by 6:00am tomorrow – so it will be an early morning for all…except Chad I guess! I pray that Charli will sleep on the way there, and have a smooth morning without skipping a beat. She is always such a trooper, but has she gets older she is more aware of not being able to eat and what is going on around her. Her scans are schedule for around 8:30…so she should be out by 9:00…and I pray to have results quickly, but who knows how that will go! I would like the information before leaving Omaha, but I imagine it is possible that we would have to wait. We’ll see…it is definitely information I would like to have before starting the weekend! As always we expect and pray for good news, but just like everyone plays the lotto for the small chance of winning, we have to prepare ourselves for the small chance of loosing. But, I know that God has taken Charli under his wing and she will be A-OK! Thank you to everyone who has remembered this big day for us with phone calls, emails, notes, visits, and messages…it means a lot to us knowing that you are all still cheering for our star!

No big plans for the weekend, sounds like the weather will be less than summer-like so we will see where it takes us! I plan to finalize some plans for a few different charity events and be able to post more about them next week! For starters keep May 4th open if you can for a GREAT event to take place in Humphrey around 1:00!! More details to come!!!!

Charli has been so independent, she is now walking herself down the stairs and to the car – crawling up into the vehicle and then “past” the car-seat….every time!!! Then, when we get out…she has to walk to daycare, down the stairs, take her coat off, and hang it up on her own! What a big-kid we have on our hands!! She is playing so well on her own, and doing imagination play so well! She will even involve us in her imagination play!!! She is starting to love her puppies a bit more but will ignore them too, starting to do her own thing and be less dependent on them for entertainment! Slowly she is starting to show interest in cartoons, but very little. She has never been a TV kid, but some mornings if we have extra time to be together I will put some cheerios in a bowl and turn Mickey Mouse on, and we can sit for about 5 minutes and snack on some cereal, drink our juice…and enjoy some mom-and-me time together on the couch! Tonight her daddy taught her to say "Cancer, all gone!" PRIASE GOD!!!!

Every night I think I could never love her more and every morning I am proven wrong. Being the mother of Charli has changed my world in a way that I can never put into words…no matter how hard I try! Charli is amazing and I love her…and I love that you all love her too!!!!! Have a GREAT weekend.

Please say an extra prayer for Charli tonight, I think that tomorrow will be a challenge for all of us as this will be her first visit without the port…and it could make things a bit more difficult for her. Please also pray that Chad and I are able to keep our patience with each other while we sit and wait for such important news…it can be difficult.


Anonymous said...

We'll be thinkin about you guys. God Bless!! ~Missy & Nate

Anonymous said...

btfdtOur prayers will be with all THREE of you........and I will be waiting to hear from you.
I just know that God is watching over our little Charli Ann.

Anonymous said...

I will be waiting for my phone call from Charli...saying "CANCER ALL GONE!!!!!!" ~Love Ya 3, Aunt Amanda & Uncle Brad

Shevy said...

Thinking of you while you are on your way to get the scans done. I pray that Charli keeps getting stronger and she continues to be such a trooper through all these procedures. Wishing you the best today!
:) Meg

The Wiechman's said...

Thinking of you today and always!

Anonymous said...

I will be praying until you are able to share results.

"Cancer All Gone!!" From Charli's mouth to God's ears!

The VanDyke Family
Katie, Mike and Chloe Marie

Anonymous said...

you are always in my thoughts. let me know how things turn out. i love you all!

-sadie & aiden

Anonymous said...

There have been so many praying for you this week...leading up to this day. Grandpa and I are so anxious to hear Charli tell us in her own words, "Cancer all gone. Praise God!" Praise God indeed! We love you all so very, very much.
Grmpa & Grma P XXOOPP

Anonymous said...

Love and prayers for you all. Have a safe trip to and from Omaha!! We're all supporting you!