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Monday, March 10, 2008

a fun weekend!

I have so much to say, but I am going to keep it short! Charli is so silly, she is more goofy each day!! I would go into detail, but I am trying to get ya'll to come visit!! I will say that Charli is big into making faces, using her pockets, making imaginary food, cleaning, walking the dogs, and playing copy-cat to everything we do!!

This weekend we took her all around town to see animals, she loved it! Daddy wanted to get EVERY animal he saw, but I had to put my foot down! Just kidding, the other way around is more like it. Chad even vetoed my fish purchase...someday - you just wait!!

So, if that isn't enough to make you come visit - I got nothing :-)!!!!!! We hope to show her off to all of you soon!!!

Charli's favorite past time

Daddy's big helper

Mom has it SO made!

my new super-fun toy!!!

Daddy...can we get the ferret!?

here birdie-birdie!!


I want a bunny daddy!!

What do you mean I'm silly?!


AndreaChad said...

How fun that she got to see all the animals around town! The new kitchen looks like so much fun and I love that she helps out with the dishwasher! Thanks for the cute pics!

Anonymous said...

You should see Zander try to chase after the cats and play with our dog. I love this age.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! What fun to see all the animals! We can't wait to come play with you and your new kitchen! Love XXOOPP Grma & Grmpa P