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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hey everyone....still no news from Omaha - so I will be calling a few hours into the day tomorrow to get the *official* good news. As positive as I am that the results are great, it is still hard not knowing. Charli has been so goofy the past few days, I know she is feeling great - so that helps keep my mind free and clear!!

Today she got to play with her Aunt Amanda & Uncle Brad and her Grandma & Grandpa Borg! She had fun showing off all of her new shoes and her new potty! Grandma gave her a bath and took her potty too...what a big night :-) She also played ring-around-the-Rosy with Grandma many times, and bowled for a long time with Grandpa. So, I think everyone will sleep well tonight!

We hope you had a GREAT weekend too!!

the sun never goes down when your cool!

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AndreaChad said...

I am happy to hear that you have many new shoes!! How fun to play with an aunt and uncle and Grandma and Grandpa!!! Glad to see that you had a good weekend!

Deqlan said...

hello brenda and chad and charli
i am glad that you got the ear infection in time! sorry havent posted in a while - we where on holiday! wanted to wish you best of luck for the scans, i know they are going to be great and wish you best of luck and patience while waiting for results - I know Our Lord continues to have Charli in his loving and healing hands! The photos are to gorgeous, what a big girl Charli is getting cant believe our kids will nearly be to! Praying for great results, God Bless and prayers
Love Samm & Deqlan

Anonymous said...

Praying no news is good news.
Take care of each other!

Anonymous said...

How awesome it is to hear good news. God is good all the time.


Anonymous said...

Adorable. Completely, utterly adorable! That's the only words I can use to describe how cute Charli is and MY is she getting big! Amazing how fast they grow up. Thanks for all the new pics!