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Friday, March 25, 2011

spring has sprung!

We had a few great days before spring...once spring hit things have gone downhill!! It is much easier to handle when you know it is short term. The snow we got early this morning is so beautiful!

Harper is a hat man. Each morning he will go for a hat and tugs that puppy down low you can't see his eyes! And that is the way he rolls until I take if off!! If he needs to see above he will crank his head up before he will adjust his hat!! He has three favorite now, and none john deere!

Charli looks so pretty! Harper looks so cheesy - this is his new face, hard to find a picture of him where he doesn't look like this!

we had to break out the meds at our house again!! Harper has never really gotten over his cough, but it has only bothered him at night. This week it came back and he shared with Charli. We have had more sickness this winter than ever!

the view from our backyard!

so pretty!

we all know that before we can correct our children from doing wrong we must first take their picture!

its sooooo funny to stand on top of chairs when no one is looking! he will just giggle and giggle to himself! I turned around to see this, and had to laugh. The look on his face was priceless! not to mention, the only way this child will learn is to "learn the hard way" this has already been determined and proven!!

Charli did not feel so hot Thursday afternoon. I got a call around 3:30 saying she was crying in pain, and that is not typical of Charli - at all. She can tolerate pain really well and tends to mope around when she isn't feeling well rather than cry. I suggested giving her a drink and seeing how she felt after a little food. But, less than ten minutes later I got another call saying she was not in good shape. I took off to pick her up and couldn't believe my eyes and ears!! Charli was in rare form, I have never-ever seen her in so much pain! I decided to take her into Urgent Care later, because I knew she would never make until morning. She has a bad ear infection, which probably would not have ended in rupture - but he said it was super soar. The picture above is of Charli after I sat her on the counter so I could fill up a glass of water! She laid down and was shaking in pain - I couldn't believe it! She was like I had never seen her before!!
A few hours after the call she was acting and feeling much better. I am not sure if it was a little fresh air, or just mom-love, but something made her feel a little better before bed (pretty sure it was mom-love). Glad to report she is back to normal today! YAY!

Charli found time to relax...a sign she was not feeling normal!!

and after awhile she even had energy to play with her brother! It was hard to believe it was the same child!! you can literally see the back of this throat! I am sure he has inherited his big mouth from his father.

I am not sure what this is about, but thought the photo captions could go on, and on, and on!!

one lucky little girl!! Charli made an elaborate car path with her cards, blocks, boxes...pretty much everything in her room!!

this has been in Charli's room for a long time! but I saw it the other day and thought to myself...what amazing words to be surrounded with!!

working hard on her project!

Charli had a sucker from the dr. and was holding onto the wrapper, when I took it to put in my pocket she replied "no mom don't, I want to keep that for my collection"! Great, a hoarder!!
Have a great weekend ya'll!!!


Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

So sorry Charli had an ear infection, but glad she is feeling much better! Love the pictures! Harper is growing up so fast and looks adorable in his hat! Love you all...God bless! XXXXOOOOPPPP

Anonymous said...

great kids,
very nice photos

muck muck Charli and Harper :))