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Monday, March 28, 2011

if a pictures tells a thousand stories....

Thank you for all the prayers, calls, emails, texts, and notes on facebook today...I was amazed to see all the messages we acquired today! Charli won't be making a trip back to Children's for a year...thank you God! Lots of pictures to tell lots of stories, enjoy!
double the pleasure, double the trouble, double the work!

i love the way he looks at her!!
now, if only we could find a way to keep them in here when they are climbing the walls!

step 1 - put on mom's shoes

step 2 - walk with mom's shoes

step 3 - fall out of mom's shoes!

love, love, love when they find something they can enjoy together!!

...and not fight over it!

Charli's first thing to grab as soon as we get to grandmas!!

and our dear Harper!! This is my old doll, Diana Marie. I wanted Charli to love her and take her home...she said no, but was glad to offer to take grandma's football outfit. So, I gave her to Harper who gave her lots of love!! Wouldn't he make a fine big brother ;-)

Coloring like such a big girl! She also colored using "paint" on grandma's computer. Makes her seem so grown up when she starts to play the computer!

it just makes sense to put a color in there, it is the perfect fit!!

Harper and grandpa worked through coloring together!

harper thought it was soo funny when grandpa would try to keep him from crawling on the table, eating colors, or putting them in his ear!


Charli's first drink of pop...

...and she was not impressed!!

getting ready to have her finger poke. She was giving her 'tuff smile'

What a difference a year makes!

being OH SO strong! She was concentrating so hard to watch them get the blood out!

and was so brave while they were doing it! "she is 4 ya know"

Before we went got into the hospital she was so nervous, we think she made herself sad. She was brave and got to go pick out a toy from toys-r-us. She was SET on a big BUZZ who would talk and shoot lasers....

then we get there, and she fell in love with BATMAN!! I love this because I remember my brother having basically the same thing for HEMAN!!

wow, who is this big girl here? She looks about 3 years older?! I don't like it!! oh so pretty....

Oh, and we can't forget these!! Charli picked out these matching pj's! I was so impressed that she could be talked into purple for herself!! There is room to make progress!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!! Charli is a brave girl (& so is her Mommy). she looks pretty brave as they are poking her finger!! Glad the day turned out good..........and glad she wasn't to impressed with the "pop". Chocolate milk will be better for her anyway!!

Jen said...

Love the matching PJ's! Go Charli!

Sarah Classen said...

So happy things turned out good today. What an awesome feeling when you heard the news I'm sure. Love the pics!!

~the Classen's~

Anonymous said...

Yea for a great day!!
Where did you get the pjs? I love them & my kids would too!
~ Angela

Anonymous said...

sugar babies.
love love love