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Sunday, March 13, 2011

new bff

We had a fun weekend, again :-)

Chad got to spend the entire day with the kids Saturday as I made my way to state bowling. Before you laugh, just remember not everyone makes it to state...right Kelsey?! (this is not true, anyone can go if they want!!) It is a great excuse to spend good girl time, so who doesn't want to go!?

Charli sang in church this morning followed by typical afternoon stuff and topped off with a visit and supper with grandma and grandpa borg! I am pretty sure Charli found a new bff for the week. She and grandpa Charlie washed his car together followed by about 90+ minutes of uninterrupted play! I snuck in there once and found them playing "guys" however, the next I went in there they had about every toy and half the books out in some sort of maze for cars! It was so much fun to hear them play!

Harper was in prime form for the rest of us in the living room. He is such a different child when Charli isn't around!

Tuesday will mark "4-years" since Charli was diagnosed so we have some fun things planned for a fun day for her again this year. Some days it feels like 4 years, and others more like 4 weeks. Life is an amazing journey, and we never know what tomorrow will have in store for us. Today I overheard an adult tell Charli "you have no idea what an inspiration you are to so many do you?" I looked at Charli and she shrugged her shoulders and gave them a high-five! She will never know, WE will probably never know!

this was early on, as you can see only a few toys had the privilege of being out so far!! It was just priceless to hear these two play, and giggle!! I am pretty sure Charli and Charlie had a great time together!
big helper! Charli and Harper have graduated to washing their hands alone before we eat... I never really know how it goes so I wanted to see today! It was too cute to not grab my camera for! She does a great job with him!

She was giving him step-by-step reminders! I love this picture because I think you can see the love and attention in her face.

it's a sad day for me...we have to retire Harper's excavating pj's!! He has worn these multiple times a week since his birthday last June!! Sad, sad, sad!! :-) They just don't make a more perfect pj for this boy!

Harper cannot wait until this 4-wheeler becomes his! I am not sure when Charli will outgrow this size, I assume Harper will want it long before she is willing to give it up!! We will change out the pink for black so it will feel nice and brand new again in a few years!!


Smolek Happenings said...

I love it. Such fun memories. :) I totally remember having to retire Ryan's excavator jammies, sad day in our house too, lol. :) hard to find in bigger sizes, he'd love a pair now!! boys & their excavator toys!!! SO glad every day that Charli has come so far and done so well. :) We feel privileged to be able to donate and help more lil ones like her. :)

Jen said...

Absolutly love the picture of the 2 of them washing their hands! So cute!