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Friday, March 18, 2011

friday fun-day!

We're inside on a little rest-break from our post cancer-versary Friday Fun-Day, to keep a happy 4-year old!!

We've really enjoyed our day, so I thought I would share some pictures while Charli has some downtime to unwind a bit!

After breakfast we took Harper to daycare, and he didn't notice that Charli was not with him, which is good! I wasn't sure how he would like going without his sidekick! We took both Chad and Charli to get their glasses fixed before the fun began!! Charli's glass broke with some combination of Harper & Charli..God only knows!

We spent a good 90 minutes painting, and considering the length of time we were there Charli really was great. She wanted to do a plate again this year. I did a ribbon and a bowl and Chad did a keepsake box for her. They all stayed behind to be baked, so it will be awhile before we get them back!

After our painting adventure we went to Applebees where we played eye spy and sang songs! Charli thought it was neat to eat "inside" :-)

Bowling was probably the highlight, although she was upset she couldn't get them all down like other people! Having said that Charli did beat Chad by 10 pins!! lol, ahhhh - fair and square too!!

When we got home Charli had one more cancer-versary surprise waiting for her! Grandma & Grandpa Preister left Charli a buzz and woody toy! Harper got a Tiger too, just so he wasn't left out :-) Charli thinks it is prety neat that she got to have a date with mom and dad, Harper got a date with Lynn, and mom and dad are going on a date tonight!! "date" is her new 'thing'! She would love to have more dates she told me!!

enjoy the pictures!

part of our fun day was shoe shopping! Charli has been asking for twinkle-toes, so she got to pick them out today!! She is pretty excited! This has to be the most girly thing she has ever done and/or wanted!

stocked up on some cute flip-flops! the nike's have memory foam, I want some!

these are out of order! but more fun with the balloons this week!

resting with her new buzz and woody! And, drinking from a little kid cup! she saw buzz and spiderman a few weeks ago and really wanted to get them for harper and her! Buzz her her #1 pal right now!

very excited to see what was peeking out of her surprise today!

by the end of the game she was running up and tossing with some momentum!

showing me the sign for "Christ", when I said cross...she busted out in a song they sing at church and when they sing the word Christ they make the sign!

deep in thought for a serious game of 3-man eye spy!

her colorful plate this year!

serious business! picking colors was her favorite part! not using 250 different colors was her biggest challenge!!


Sheila Ferrell said...

You are so sweet and you are getting so big!! I am happy that you enjoyed your date day with Mom and Dad!! Take care and can't wait to celebrate next year!!
Hugs & kisses all the way from South Texas, Sheila

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day! Love the plate Charli made and glad she liked her Buzz and Woody. Love you all XXXXOOOOPPPP