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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

soap in the mouth!!!!

There is no hope for a child who grew up in a house with 'soap in the mouth' when I talked back, harper is already showing a preference for soap. Specifically DORA soap which we use to wash out hands. In his defense it does smell delicious!!

We had a nice weekend, and enjoyed the sunshine. We headed west to broken bow Saturday morning and came back Sunday evening. We celebrated Ryen's birthday, played the wii, went to town for a special breakfast, played in the park, played outside, played inside, are you seeing a theme! Charli had her first 'official' slumber party! The three girls all got to sleep on the floor together in the basement! They got their beds ready and popped in a movie before calling it a night. After they feel asleep we went to check on them, Charli and Ryen were sharing a pillow - it was too cute!! They are the two that look the most alike and were in matching pj's - so we weren't sure who was who - Chad had to turn the light on to see!!

After two days without a regular nap they were full of vinegar, so we welcomed company when grandma and grandpa stopped by for a bit!

Charli is really enjoying hearing who has all donated to her Relay For Life page each day, she gets a big grin on her face and says something a long the lines of "are you kidding me, they like me too?!". If you are interested in helping our efforts you can CLICK HERE to find the Charli's personal page. You can donate online, or email me for our address if you would rather. A million thanks to all who help with the Relay in one way or another!

BIG SHOUT OUT TO DEREK!! Derek, my nephew, will be playing in the state games on Thursday night, go big blue :-)

super comfortable for pizza & movie night Friday night!! He was adorable and sat on my lap for the entire movie...which Charli picked Toy Story 2 this week! Harper was a toal love bug! After being gone several nights last week, I welcomed the one on one time very much!

Charli * Ryen * Harper * Macey before the party started! Ryen loves on Harper ALL THE TIME!! She is very good with him, and always wants to be doing something with and/or for him!

the three amigos! Ryens cute cake!! Macey had a pink JD cake, Ryen a green JD I wonder what Charli will want for the big #5?!!

soaking up the sun! They had two dogs out there this weekend and several adorable cats - harper was enjoying giving them lots of attention!!

Macey and Charli playing the wii!! they were sword fighting here!!

Grandma and Charli were playing hide the purple circle!! It was a group effort to find it sometimes!!

poor grandma, harper just jumped on - thinking he would get a "bull ride" like he does from daddy when he lays like this!! Sorry about your back grandma :-)

doing his best to hold on to grandpa's bull ride!

wow!! that is a long ways to fall!! good thing grandpa is so limber to keep him up :D

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