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Monday, February 07, 2011


We enjoyed the health while it lasted -- and now are fighting colds, which is better than the stomach flu if you ask me! However, Charli does not like "this kind of sick" she said!

The kids have been having a lot of fun playing together and are enjoying learning their boundaries with each other. Some days this is easier than others! It is SO much fun to listen to them laugh together, one of the best sounds on earth! Charli is a total mini-mom to Harper. She can buckle him in his seat to eat, put his bib on, fed him, clean his hands/face, put his coat and hat on in the morning and has even done her best at a few diapers! She protects him more than she teases him...for now ;-)

Both of the kids got their hair cut this weekend. Harper's shaggy hair was really growing on me, but I guess it was time to trim it up and take a look at his ears again!

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Deqlan said...

what a gorgeous pic! hope you all get better soon!!!