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Sunday, February 13, 2011

marriage and 4-year olds!

These are the types of conversations I overhear in my house...
DAD - Charli, do you want to get married someday?
D - Well, someday you will want to. And, maybe you should marry someone rich.
C - No, I want to marry someone I love.
D - well, I guess your can marry whoever you want. But, you have to introduce him to me first.
C - can we marry anyone we love?
D - yes
C - Can you marry girls?
D - not in Nebraska you can't.
C - Well, I love grandma. Can I marry her?
D - No, you can't marry grandma.
C - That's okay dad because I want to marry you!!

Charli took her job of making valentine's day treats very seriously!

after frosting she put on the sprinkles very carefully!


then it was time to be silly with a monkey face!!

pretty young thing!


so much taller when daddy does it, mom has short legs!

Charli couldn't wait to give Chad his Valentine's Day gift!! She knew he would probably share with her, and realized that if she waited until tomorrow night it would probably be too close to bed to get to eat the candy!! It's tough when they start to out smart you at 4!

Enjoyed our 70 degree day today with a walk outside and time on the porch swing - these days make summer look so GREAT!! Dear Summer, you can't get here soon enough.

Being a mom means constantly telling your child "I Love You", because it is the most important thing they need to hear.
Being a mom means knowing that boys and girls should be treated the equally. But differently.

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Deqlan said...

gorgeous photos, wow those cupcakes look delicious!!!