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Sunday, February 27, 2011

welcome back, monday!

Have you ever seen a movie or tv show where mothering/parenting is stressful and then all of a sudden they are swept off their feet for a few days at the spa? I want that life! I am ready for outdoor play, sunshine, fresh air, and less germs. My mind has already said good-bye to winter, so the fact that it is still here is really messing with my life. ;-)

Charli and Harper seemed to really enjoy being at the new daycare this week. Having said that, I am sooooo glad to be returning to Lynn's tomorrow!! We -heart- Lynn! Harper ended his week with illness, which is always a good time. We've had an urgent care visit, calls to the dr, conversations with the PA, and lots of questions amongst ourselves. Today is a new day, right?!

Charli and I are hitting the movies this afternoon and the boys are going to the shop after Harper wakes up from nap...if he's feeling good! Sigh, I hope he is feeling better!!

I am not the girl who drinks cherry vodka. However, if I were - today would be a great day for a drink :-)

She found this hat from when she saw mickey with her cousins last fall, and was playing a combination between magician and animal trainer!

totally busted, he stole a toy from his sister! you would never know he isn't feeling the best! I am thankful that he is acting as well as he is. Now, if only we could get him to feel tip-top, sleep well, and get back to normal - life would be grand!

so these are the "Fun" games dad plays when he gets his hands on the vacuum...

harper could not stop fixating on the wand which just finished assaulting his hair. For those moms out there who rock the faux-hawk for their kids, I would like to say that using a vacuum gives great style, and it stays up for a long time!!

its so nice having kids who want to help! ;-)

this shot puts a smile on my face, simple happiness!

it looks like they are BOTH ready for the circus if you ask me!! I think it is safe to say that Harper's fever has altered his state of mind, and make him "unique" these last few days!

but in their moments of silence, these two still find time to steal smiles from each other. Charli has been mother-hening him all weekend by checking for fevers, and reporting runny noses, etc! Harper is eating it up...he might not always want all that he gets, but he does love her attention!


Jen said...

Great Pictures!

Anonymous said...

CUTE CUTE! Precious babies you have Brenda. Love their moments together, just having fun. Glad to see Chad was doing some vacuuming too!

Anonymous said...

I admired your family.
The most beautiful children

loves loves loves...

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

:o( So sorry Harper isn't feeling well yet. Hope the week gets better for him...and you, too! One thing about can surely bet your routine will be interrupted...and often sometimes! :o) Great pictures of the kids interacting together. You are soooo blessed! Hang in there...spring is comin'!XXXXOOOOPPPP