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Sunday, February 20, 2011

are their toys in heaven

Charli has had a lot of questions about heaven recently. She has asked if there are toys there, if you take naps, etc...and I am reminded of how great heaven sounds! It is with a heavy heart that I write about heaven today, as you may have seen below our dear ACS - Relay For Life friend/family member Tracy passed away this morning. She is who inspired me to want to tell Charli's story. I am in awe when I sit to see how she has touched so many lives. She will live on in those who knew her and those who have loved her dearly. Our fight will be stronger and harder with her in our hearts forever. So while I write this with a heavy heart, I am happy for her that she is finally pain and cancer free. Please pray for her friends and family, especially her two young boys who will have such a hole in their heart with her absence.

Tomorrow is the big day for "new school"!!! I am excited to hear all about it ;-)

mr. cool guy Harper has found a new past time, relaxing!

Charli's new way to watch cartoons!!

what a comfortable way to read a good book!! Harper is very attached to books right now, you will hardly ever see him without one in his hand!

Are you seeing a pattern in our house this weekend...we are laying around being lazy and just enjoying each others company!! Sometimes the weeks get too busy and hectic and we aren't able to slow down enough to see our kids in their prime. From week to week we can see them change and it reminds me how fast this time goes and how lucky ...scratch that, blessed, we are. As the "big race" is starting on TV Charli has been inspired to get all of her race cars out in the kitchen as well. If they manage to take all of her cars on 500 laps they will sleep great tonight!! :-)


Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

you are so blessed...and we are so blessed because of all of you :o)

Anonymous said...

I am wondering how the big "race" went with the cute.
Did Dad get in on the racing also??