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Friday, February 18, 2011

new places / new faces

Sometimes we need to learn from our babes and just sit back and relax a bit!! Harper is ready for bed when he gathers a pillow and blanket...crawls in the chair and just sits!

Some of my most fun times with Charli now-a-days is doing things that I can remember doing when I was little!! "how many times can I touch the balloon before it hits the floor"?! Harper likes the game too!

You don't always know what you will find when these two are quiet for a set period of time. Today this is what I found! They were sweet, Harper stayed this way for several minutes!! They are getting to be pretty good buddies most of the time!

Again....tired brother and loving sister! She loves to help him, and mentor him. He isn't always the biggest fan, but he generally lets her get it out of her system!

cheese! As soon as I move my camera he runs to this spot and says "cheese"...after sitting for about two seconds he gets up to see the picture on my camera!! Charli has trained him well ;)

Our beloved daycare is making way to Hawaii today so next week the kids will be going somewhere new! We went for a little visit today so Charli would feel comfortable there next week. For about 1-hour a day they separate by age and do their own thing. That is the time we were there for today. I was surprised by how well Harper did with that. It is a catholic center, and it made me giggle to see Charli's face of "WHAT!!???!!" when they did a prayer and the sign of the cross!! She just looked around like, 'what are you guys doing'! We are not catholic, so that is a totally new concept! She did make mention later that she didn't know their prayer...maybe she will pick up on diversity a bit next week?! For today at least, Harper did far better than I was expecting. He was a super star with the change, and Charli seemed to be her normal (in these situations) quiet self. Hoping they feel comfortable next week...yet shy enough to stay on their best behavior :-)
Looking forward to our traditional pizza movie night tonight with a twist, we will have grandma and grandpa here too! Excited for a great weekend...hope you are too!


Kelsey said...

Ahh are they going to the daycare connected to St. francis?? get blog!!! have a good weekend..

Kim said...

What a fun blog and good reminder at the love siblings share and not just "fighting".