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Sunday, December 05, 2010

easing into december!

Feels like I haven't posted pictures for awhile! Lots of updating to do, and lots I will forget!
Christmas is near, and Charli enjoys talking about Jesus' birthday everyday! She is starting to really stick up for her brother if she can sense that he is about to get in trouble! Harper lights up with a huge grin when the Christmas tree is turned on! And, our "elf on a shelf" makes our mornings so much fun! Have a great week, and hope to have some fun and exciting pictures to share next week :-)

pictures from our daycare Christmas party! We had a hard-hard time getting a good picture, but when I said "let's take a silly picture" man, they were ready for that!!!

it is tough work to suck yogurt out of a little cup...

...and makes a sticky little mess in the process!

I guess this is what they call puppy love!

putting up the Christmas Tree. Harper enjoyed picking out the shinny ones for Charli to hang! He loves when the tree is turned on, but doesn't bother it. We still have 20 days to make it through, so we will see how he does :-)

what a sight! Big cousin Colton gave Harper a hat like this, but batman. Charli wanted one so badly, I found this one, and she wears it every day!!

it's a great gift to find under the tree :D!!!!!

while at the farm last weekend the boys loved playing the baby swing! When the boys weren't sitting IN it the girls were playing with it, putting their babies in it!

Charli put on this old football jersey (one that my brother wore when he was her age) ALL day. She ran around very proud. Out of nowhere she struck a pose and said "do I look distinguished?"!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO FUNNY!!

so fun to play cars, especially with your cousin! ;-)

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