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Saturday, December 18, 2010

santas house

Santa came to visit the kids at daycare this year, so we have been lucky to not hear "when do we get to see santa" every day! (which is nice, thank you Lynn!) However, since we were not there, we did not get any pictures of the kids with him.

Charli talked his ear off and had no problem rattling off her list! Harper enjoyed sitting on his lap as well, and wanted the bucket of candy canes he had sitting next to him. Once he had that in his hand, all was well with the world.

Charli got a very special video message from Santa, which she loves to watch! The first time, when Santa made a special mention of taking care of her brother she replied "I think Harper is on your naughty list, he hit me"!

she asked Santa what kind of cookies he wanted, and reminded him that we would have special treats for his reindeers!

ahh, the look of pure delight. :-) as you can see, he was pretty excited about visiting santa...or not!


these two spend about 10 minutes doing this each night. They make funny faces and give kisses thru the glass. If you come to visit you will see their kiss-y marks all over!

Today, Charli being the cleaner that she is, wanted to clean her books and book shelf. She asked permission to do this and I told her that she could, as long as she put the books back when she was done. I told her that whatever did not make it back on the shelves, I would get to keep. Okay, no problem! Then, she got started and realized she has a TON of books! So, she informed me that she would put them aways over the next few days. When I reminded her that I would be taking whatever books were on the floor she said "then I will take them back and move to live somewhere else". Ahhh, I knew this day was coming...but certainly didn't expect it to come at the age of 4! She wasn't being snotty about it, just very "matter of fact", that if those were the rules, she was not going to follow and in turn live somewhere else! She quickly changed her mind and her books are now all on her shelf again! In the process she separated them into piles - good, interesting, not nice, informative, and funny!!!! She only had one "not nice" book, which is a book of three sisters - and two are mean to one of them!!
Merry Christmas to everyone! My next post will probably be of Christmas programs and parties! I truly hope and pray that everyone will have a blessed holiday and honestly reflect on the greatness of this celebration and what it means.

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