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Monday, December 13, 2010

viva las vegas

Welcome back to reality (there is that sneaky word from a few weeks ago again!!) is what Nebraska said to us on Saturday as we got back into life from our vacation! Chad and I left on Monday for vacation to Vegas! We flew home Friday morning. We awoke to freezing temps on Saturday, a far cry from the upper 60's (which they were calling cool) we had in Vegas just 24 hours before!

Chad and I had a really great time there! We have never taken a trip without the kids, and I must say it was great and something I hope we can do again. I love my kids, no doubt about that, but there is nothing like a little get-away. It was nice to remember what it was like "before" with the luxury of still coming home to our family! Wouldn't change our world for a thing, but a break from "reality" is nice now and again!!

We saw the Blue Man Group, and two other shows while we were there. Aside from that we did a lot of walking and looking...eating and some gambling. We didn't win much of anything. I did turn $10 into $5o for my mom -- the only one who gave me money, so 'sorry bout your luck' to those who didn't do the same!! And, I turned $10 into $100 after lunch on Wednesday. However, after two meals that money is gone there!

We had several firsts on this trip, and many note worthy events..

-Chad slept in on ONE day (out a little too late the night before, not the point!!)

-I was up before 3:30 am one day (sad face!!)

-we had curtains that operated by the flip of a switch!

-we could see the Bellagio water show from our hotel room!

-we had a TV in our bathroom!

-we rode on a double-decker bus!!

-i drank a mimosa for breakfast

-chad enjoyed walking anywhere/everywhere (including a shopping mall!!) with a beer in his hand

-ran into an old college friend (from kearney) in the hotel in Vegas! (she is from Elgin, went to college in Kearney, now lives in Oklahoma, and we randomly saw each other in Vegas...not knowing the other would be there!!!) CRA-ZY!!

We did many things that we both enjoyed. I made Chad take a picture with me every day, just to bug him!! So, enjoy the several self portrait pictures...and our reasons to come home!

welcome home daddy...lets wrestle!

on top of paris, eiffel tower

I, Brenda, am NOT a fan of heights. Yet, I always go to the top of this flipping thing thinking it will be 'no big deal this time'. I am the fastest visitor up there! Gives me the chills to think of it up there!!

oh, our evening of public transportation! on this night we went with 10-12 others from Nebraska/Kansas (who were at the same convention Chad was at for work) and we decided it would be a good idea to "entertain" ourselves! Never a good idea! But, for those of you familiar with las vegas, and fremont street, you will be pleased to know that I was interviewed and projected on the very large overhead screen (where the light show is). I am CERTAIN I did Nebraska proud, certain.

enjoying my first, and probably last, mimosa! This small addition to my breakfast (which is orange juice and champagne, I think) was an $11 drink! I will have water, thank you! :-) You can tell this was early in the morning because my face has that "just woke up look" yet!

I was going to buy these for Charli, but forgot! Good thing I got the picture, because they are sure fun glasses!! =)

another picture of US! :-) Next time we will need to take a tag-along to take our picture!!

we were walking the strip this night and this guy said "here, let me take a picture with the short guy"!! :-)

the view from my hotel bed! What a way to fall asleep!!

just me an tim! I have a picture from six years ago of me and Michael Jordan from the same spot! I think I am posed the same way too...!

took this picture for Charli! Thought she might get a kick out of it! The next day we saw Superman walking around New York New York, and NO lie...he was checking Chad out! Ahhh, our memories are endless!

and awesome artist! Probably not a piece I would buy, but amazing talent none the less!

nothing says welcome to your hotel, and welcome to Vegas like this shop, which was located in our hotel! Ironically (or not) it was across the hall from a bar called "Sin City" :-)


The favority sister said...

Oh, how I do miss going to Vegas!! Lots of things have changed I am sure! Looks like you had many fun times ... good thing you brought your kryptinite(sp) for superman .... :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pictures and enjoyed reading about each one, and ALL of your firsts! What a great time you two had. We will need to go --the 4 of us--sometime for sure!! Glad you enjoyed that mimosa! YUMMY!!!

NB Warrior said...

Love the pictures of Vegas! Looks like you guys had a GREAT time. Wish I would have known you guys were going so we could have met you there. Oh well... Next time! =)