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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Months of planning, shopping, hours of wrapping and cooking - and it is all done already! If only events like this were able to be celebrated as long as they deserve!

We had a good Christmas, the kids tolerated all the hustle and bustle well - leaving mom and dad tired days later! Charli was up until 11:00 one night, and didn't even attempt to close her eyes on the way home while watching her new ToyStory3 from santa!

If you ask Charli what she got, she will tell you "boy stuff" and she couldn't' be happier! The top of her list includes two airplanes, helicopter, tool bench, fishing poll, criss cross crash (hot wheels), , pillow pet, and some crafts. She did get some "girl" things that she does like - her puma clothes, doll clothes, and games...but the "boy stuff" takes priority this week!

Harper got so many gifts that he still has one under the tree that is wrapped...he lost interest in unwrapping and so did Charli -- here's your sign! He got a lot of cars, trucks, and tractors. Since Charli is in such a tomboy stage right now they are playing with toys nicely together!!!

Charli picked out my gift this year. She told Chad that I needed a bracelet. So he picked the kids up early one night and took them to Kelly Jewelry for my gift. Chad said that the nice lady took Charli around the store by herself and let her pick the ones she thought I would like. Then she let Charli try them all one. Charli picked the one I would like, and they wrapped it up. Chad's only part was paying for it. Chad said that when they got in the truck she said "daddy, next year can I pay for it...with your money"!! :) She is a great shopper, I love it!

Charli picked out Chad's gifts this year too (she kept them all a secret from us too, impressive and scary!!). She picked two John Deere tractors from Tractor Supply, a JD wallet, candy, socks, and gloves -- she was so excited to give the packages to him! It is a great age for celebration!

now he has his own couch and can leave Charli's alone! He also loves my new blanket from Courtney (thanks court)...they both always want it, so much for MY gift!! :-)

this hat was a gift to charli, a silly little hat for her to play with. She hasn't put it on yet, I think it freaks her out a little! But, harper - the hat lover that he is, likes this one too!

his new pose...if a camera is out he makes this "cheese" face

learning to use his new remote control car, which he likes to tease the dogs and his sister with! he was well accessorized at the moment as you can see! having a big sister opens a whole new world of things to play with!

Charli got my camera and got several good pictures of Harper...and many silly pictures of the door, floor, chair, and Harpers toes!

hew jammies from grandma...the three girls have matching PJ's - too cute, looks so grown up!

playing with her cousins hot wheels toy!

i told him I would post I had to follow through! This is my brother, who has his PhD in something I don't understand (makes me sound like a genius, I know!) Anyway, since he is "technically" a doctor...I couldn't resist giving him this shirt for Christmas!! ;-)

Harper got this "band in a box" type toy that we have had so much fun with! Charli forms a parade and we circle the house with our own instrument in hand and make great music. I can see a family band in our future!

Grandma let him get away with everything at her house this weekend. He was crawling up and playing with her computer, and she just couldn't tell him no...!

three best of friends!!

these two were funny together! They would hug and then two minutes later be a little less than friendly! Grant and Harper spent quality cousin time this weekend!

teamwork :-) Charli did a great job helping Harper with his gifts and not taking over for him!

very happy santa remembered her tool bench!

Charli handpicked these cookies for Santa and wrote him a note..." Santa, Love Charli Harper" and I think she was trying to draw shapes!

Harper with one of his (and mine) favorite toys!

very excited little girl!!

heading out to Christmas Eve service -- this was the best picture I could get! Charli was over the top goofy and Harper was too busy to sit still!

Charli worked VERY hard to make a birthday cake for baby Jesus! She broke the eggs, ran the mixer, put all the decorations on, and told me what to write with the frosting. She was so proud, and did a great job!

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AndreaChad said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! Glad that Santa got Charli what she wanted...Calla is still let down even though we told her the "magic oven" is only for 8 years and up!