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Sunday, December 19, 2010

thanksgiving at christmas

a few pictures and thoughts from Charli's first-ever Sunday School Christmas program!! ( I figured she will have approximately 36 musical programs in her future with church and school yet! ;-) )

she was very excited to have grandma and grandpa come to see her! She got to take them in the fellowship hall to see the very special letter she wrote to the angels about Jesus' birth!

Charli had her buddy Maggie!

she picked the "little gray donkey" as her costume! She was adorable and was showing me her tail here!

Charli and her buddy Lilly!

Charli and her rosy cheeks! We think she got wind-burn while helping grandpa B Saturday afternoon?!

harper's pure excitement after realizing her can stick 1/2 of his finger up his nose.

the kids having a great time...and Charli playing with the "big kids" it was amazing to see her act so grown up while she was able to "hang" with them all night! They tolerated her amazingly well, and she seemed to hold her own!

two very tired little boys by the end of the night! Braxton and Harper laying on Amada's blankie!


ha! I had to show this picture! Harper gave Braxton a "sit-n-spin" for Christmas and Braxton gave Harper a John Deere truck, trailer, and tractor. They were both more interested in the gifts they gave at first...until they realized the other one wanted it too! This was harper upset that Braxton found a way to enjoy the sit-n-spin and still try for the tractor!! Typical Christmas party with kids! Note, Braxton seems to be just fine with the situation...he is sitting and spinning and still trying for the tractor, what is wrong with that?!!

Charli and Ashtyn
Just a reminder to give all of our thanks as we celebrate Christmas. While enjoying the Christmas program this evening, I was reminded that while this year my dilemma was what Charli would wear (Because God forbid it be anything girly, or anything near that!!), there was a time in my life that I wasn't sure if we would get to celebrate these milestones with Charli! A Sunday School program may not seem like a milestone, but it sure is!! Every day, and every experience...even those we are not the most proud of, are milestones and I thank GOD for the opportunity to blog about her life...about our life to all of you who love our family! Thank you for caring enough to be here!!
Merry Christmas!!!

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