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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

really, 10?!

So this weekend my class "celebrated" our 10-year class reunion. Really, 10 years?!! I can remember so many things yet, I guess some of those memories will fade with time -but it just doesn't seem like it could be ten years!

Charli was a little bit of a pill on Friday for her scans. She didn't want to step on the scale, be measured, go in the room, didn't want to sit on the table, etc. After about five minutes she was good...but in the beginning it was a little stressful because I had no idea how she would behave - she had never done that before. She soon warmed up and turned back into her normal self. We were talking during her scans and she revealed to met hat she knows what she wants to be for Halloween...a carrot.

While Chad and I went to the reunion the kids stayed with grandma and grandpa preister. They all had a nice time! On Sunday Charli had SO much running around in the open area, green grass, and there were so many fun things for her to do there! I think it also helped that grandpa bob let her drive his pick up around the shop lot...seriously!!

Hmmm, not sure what else I wanted to mention so just enjoy the pics for now!

I am sure I could dig a picture out of us looking pretty similar (albeit much younger looking) from high school!!

Chad fell asleep watching Dora - Charli was playing with her doll house and at some point curled up with Chad and they took a nap together! After she woke up there, she crawled on my lap and slept on my chest for about two hours...just like a little baby!!

as they were resting, what an adorable site!

we had a lazy day sunday!

charli loving on her little brother!

grandma found a toddler bed for the grandkids to use, it looks like a little dolly bed in comparison to Charli's bed!! She thought it was pretty neat!


Chari and harper on Charli's 4-wheeler! I am pretty sure she did not get to give him a ride...then again I didn't think grandpa would really let her drive his truck either, so maybe?!! ;-)

Charli and Daddy at Scheel's after her dr appointment

playing with the camera as we waited

a complete goof!


Anonymous said...

I Love these new pics!!! Charli is such a ham for the camera! I laughed when you mentioned Charli being a pill at the dr because Landon fights the scale, measurements, blood pressure checks, etc. each week! KIDS are so funny.
Can't wait to see you next Friday!!

Rachelle said...

A carrot - that would be so cute! Love the pics!

10 years! Wait til 20 years have passed like it has for me! You are still a kid! lol Glad you had a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Such precious pictures of Charli and Harper. I like Charli's comment about punching the cancer, but prayerfully that will never come to be. She is such a little grown up. Harper is really changing and so handsome. I miss you. By the way, did you hear Krisin & Jon are having a litlle girl?

Natalie said...

Charli cracks me up! Love this last picture of her! She gets her strength and courage from you and Chad! Had fun on Friday night, we'll have to do it again!! :)

The Hudcaps said...

Love the pics of the "lazy Sunday". I'm glad everything came out fine with the tests. I want to hear all about fights Friday night.
Also, thanks for the donation to AFSP. I just saw your donation posted when I looged onto Facebook tonight. So generous. It means alot. Thanks.