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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

quick - quick

Real quickly I wanted to post pictures!

Charli got glasses! I am not sure if I have mentioned this on here or not, but they are in and officially on her face :-) Well...we are working on that part. She doesn't mind having them on for about 10 minutes, then she is done. I will be interested to hear how it went at daycare today.

I go back to work Monday :-( I am not ready to go back. There are so many things I wanted to get done while home, and now that the end is near I don't want to do anything but sit and enjoy the time I have here.

Hmmm, can't think of anything else new or exciting for now!

Charli and mom with our glasses on! I know that we will both look back at this picture and think my glasses are SO ugly! A sign of the times I guess...

we like to start watching dora at a young age at our house I guess!

" SO happy" face!

daddy's hat and daddy's boots!

too funny!! She wanted to mow with dad...this is the closest thing we have to a mower for her. so sad!

she always wants to feed him...for about a minute!

fuzzy kasper fur makes harper smile!

their first day of daycare together!


stacy from michigan said...

Love the glasses...
Em has worn glasses since she was two...she is now eight!! Harper has gotten so big...Sending prayers your way from Michigan.

AndreaChad said...

Glasses! How exciting Charli! You look really adorable in them and remember to keep your fingers off the lenses...that is so hard for a preschooler! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your last days at home...guess you need to get preggers again so you can stay home again...HA!! Harper is growing into such a little man! Adorable!!

Natalie said...

Brenda...I'm sure you're not ready to come back, but I'm sure ready for you to be back!! (Sorry!!)
Charli's glasses are soooo cute, and yours are too! I'm sure she'll get used to them eventually!

The pictures of the kids are great! Harper is such a sweetie pie!! :)

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE! I always love looking at your new pics. Charli looks super cute in her glasses, and Harper is growing so fast!! They are not small for very long, are they? I almost forgot how quickly they change and grow. Have a great weekend!

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

Grmpa and I were just wondering about the glasses. Charli you look so cute in them. Hope you can see better now too. Love the pictures of the kids, Brenda. Thanks for keeping us all posted through your blog. We love you! XXXXOOOO

Rachelle said...

Great pictures - Charli looks adorable in her new glasses! Can't believe it's time for you to come back to work already!