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What started out as a site to update on our daughter's cancer has thankfully grown into a site to update on our beautiful family of four. Enjoy our journey...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'll keep it short because I have only only about two minutes before Harper's bedtime! I just wanted to share some pictures from this week.

Please say extra prayers, Charli has her 6-month scans on Friday. With her "eye" issue this is a tense test, one we have faith will be perfectly fine. Never the less... no matter how much faith we have the fear of the unknown will always be there. Charli said to me the other night "the cancer isn't going to come back mommy, but if it does I will punch it". As her mother, what can I say to that? I said "Thank you God", walked away, and cried.

"Faith is not believing God is knowing that He will"

Enjoy the pictures, you will see what goes on when mom is out of the house....

blue eyes!

Daddy bought him his first JD hat :-)

BIG truck!

this is Harper in Charli's baby bed...MAYBE it was Charli's idea - but who do you think put him in there? I will give you a guess. It wasn't Charli, it wasn't Harper, and it wasn't mom....

Harper in Charli's baby stroller. Again...MAYBE it WAS Charli's idea, but who do you really think put him in there AND fastened the belt!!? THIS is why mom can't leave the house!

Charli feeding Polly and Dolly

"see harper, this is why you go for it when you are 4th and 1" (if you saw the Husker game this weekend you know what I am talking about...if not - you didn't miss much)

decked out for the VT game


Deqlan said...

Hello guys, Firstly the new pics are gorgeous! Cant believe how quckly Harper has grown!! when mommy is away the kids will play! Just letting you know you are all in our prayers for tommorow, especially Charli for clear clear clear perfectly normal perfectly NED Scans! I know how you are feeling and pray That Our Lord gives you peace, strength, faith and trust , continue to believe it, Charli has been healed totally and permanently! Look forward to reading the great news, hugs to you all, God Bless Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda your post made me cry! Children truely are amazing aren't they! Isn't it crazy how sometimes when the walls seem to be crashing down, our babies pick us up again! She is so strong and wonderful. I said a prayer for clear/good scans on Friday and forever! I also prayed that you would feel God's hand on your shoulders as you drive there Friday! I will be thinking about you guys! Jen Calahan

Anonymous said...

We are all saying prayers for you!
The Oberhauser's

Rachelle said...

Awwww Brenda! What sweet, sweet pictures! Love the one of Harper in the baby bed - daddy keeps busy doesn't he!

My thoughts and prayers will be with Charli and your whole family on Friday. You are all so brave - draw strentgh from your faith to help you get throught the day. Good luck - I just know everything will turn out alright!

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

Praying today and always for Charli and all of you. Praising God for Charli's healing and continued protection. All will be well.

The pictures are great! You have such beautiful children. We are so proud of all of you...especially our little Charli. She is so brave and wise beyond her few years!

Love to you all! Trust God and his plan :o)

Anonymous said...

Just checking in on the update from today! Hope all went well. thought about you all today!
Jen c