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Friday, September 18, 2009


Our amazing friends in South Africa have been featuring children each day this month to bring more awareness to Childhood Cancer Awareness month and those touched by it.

Please check out this link and see Charli in her eyes...

They just hit the 100,000 visitor mark - amazing!! Her son, Deqlan, was diagnosed with NB about the same time as Charli...we have been friends since! They are known around the globe for sure!!

You can also visit his site via the link to the right by clicking on "Deqlan"!

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Michelle said...

Brenda, Chad, Charli and baby Harper,

Sorry Brenda for not updating sooner, forgive me, you all have been on my mind. So I just want to wish Charli a belated Birthday Wish...Brenda and Chad Congrats on a beautiful baby boy, I'm so happy for all of you I'm sure Charli is grinning ear to ear when she looks at her baby brother. I saw your post on the NB list serve about Charli blinking, please know that I am praying that this is nothing, I was scared of relapse with Mackenzie back in March when a lymph node showed up on MIBG, which turned out to be a false positive according to MSK in NYC. I know how frantic any changes that have no answers can feel like in our girls, we try not to think the worst but they have NB and surving it is all we hope for.

I will check back for updates.

Love and hugs,