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Monday, September 14, 2009

i made it :-)

I managed to survive my first day back at work, in case anyone was worried :-)
Natalie left me a fun little gift on my desk of new pens, pencils, chapstick, and fun push-pins! It is funny how my friends know me so well...and so strange that when my friends want to perk me up, it always surrounds office supplies!!
Charli and Harper had a good day at daycare. I have decided that any day we remember to pick them both up and they are in as good of shape or better than when we left them it is a good day...what happens between those two times is just par for the course!! We have an amazing daycare, I will argue that it is the best (!!!) so leaving Harper was nothing like it was when I left Charli for the first time - can't even compare the two.
I changed my work hours a bit so I was able to have supper started before Chad got home, which was nice - and it made the night so enjoyable! Tomorrow is another day for all of us, which means it could be another story :-)
precious 'lil feet

mother-hen...please notice that she is doing something with both hands!! She is holding his paci in his mouth with her right and and covering him up with her left, after saying "no, you can not have those in your mouth" =) I guess we say that?!!

Charli's first day of Sunday School! She had a silly pose here, but better than her normal silly face :-)

their first official day of daycare together, for the long haul

can you say child-labor?! This is what Charli was doing when I looked out the window tonight...she is drying, shining, or waxing his rims...I am not sure!

he is growing :-)

Charli found this in the dirt at Aunt Rachelle and Uncle Shawns while daddy was digging in the dirt! "ewww, gross" mom said...she was just mad because her feet were muddy!

" BEAT CANCER" - Chad and I in our "beat cancer" shirts on Childhood Cancer Day ...hey Court...GO IOWA!!


The Hudcaps said...

I'm glad your day went well!! I have to say I missed you greatly while you were gone. I feel bad for not having a very good chance to chat today. Maybe tomorrow? I love Charli's glasses!! They are very cute.

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

Brenda, I am glad your day back went well for you and the kids. You'll be back in the routine of things again soon. Is the change in hours permanent? Love the picture of Charli holding Harper on her lap...he looks nearly 1/2 her size now.

Anonymous said...

Harper looks like he LOVES being held by his big sister...........which is nice!!
Such darling kids........Praying for you all the time!!

Rachelle said...

You have beautiful kids Brenda! Harper is growing so much! Awesome pictures - glad that the kids are getting along well at daycare and that you are adjusting to being back at work. It has been great catching up with you again!

Anonymous said...

Did you say GO IOWA? NO!!!! Love the new pics! What is that Charli is holding that she found in the dirt though? I cannot tell! Harper is growing so big, so fast!