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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

i love you, you love me

For those of you who knew me growing up...please take a moment to read this and chuckle - Charli is a mini-brenda. God has showered his irony upon me! Charli has started to sing every single thought that pops into her head. A few nights ago her song was something like this "the moon is out, I want a sucker but mom says no, super bear, i love you, you love me" and I think you can see where this is going!! Ahhh, she is me and all I can do is chuckle because I know what my parents went through, and I have a feeling that now is a little too late to say "sorry"!

she was so excited to have him lay in her bed....she LOVES to love on him, I think he is thinking "mom, get me out of here!"

"mom, she is doing it again...get her off!!!"

he was warming up a little here, but still looks a little unsure

and finally...the annoyed look! However, notice how proud 'big sister' is and how nicely she shared her favorite "super bear" with him so easily!!

finally - some alone time to play!!

the truck load of potatoes that my dad (and a few others from our "country" church) picked to donate to our city mission

check out this huge sweet potato!!!!!!

Charli came along to help - thought it would be good for her to help out!

she was a pretty good helper!

and finally...the last of the bunch!

Charli ran in the Humphrey Fun Run Sunday

#1 - she gets her running ability from the Borg side - Grandpa Borg should be so proud!!

Vrrrmmmm - Vrrmmmmmm

Charli saying hello to another little Charli, who was named after her!

showing off the ribbon :-)

run - run - run

in our house "we" start young with this kind of play...and by we, I mean Chad!! (he was being thrown up in the air...sorry about cutting your head off Harper!)


Natalie said...

Love the pics...can't believe how much Harper is changing everytime I see him! :) Wow! Those potatoes ARE huge! Dang! So cool that Charli helped out!! :)

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

What a fun weekend it was! Charli did such a great job running. Grma and Grmpa were pretty proud to show off your two! Can't wait for them to come and ride the new little red tractor! XXXXOOOO

Anonymous said...

Love these pics!! Harper sure looks like he's changing already!! They just don't look like "babies" for long :( See you on Friday!!

Rachelle said...

Oh my gosh - the look on Harper's face in those first pictures is so funny! Priceless! What great donatons to the Rescue Mission - that is awesome! Congrats to Charli for winning her race!