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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

calling for prayers...

Please send this prayer request out on behalf of my friend Courtney...

Yesterday Sara Todd found out she had bone cancer all over her body. She fell and broke her hip and had surgery this weekend and that is how they found it. She is the one that started a huge prayer chain for Landon in Kentucky. Just letting you know so maybe we can all return the prayer favor for her and his family!!!

When I got this message from Courtney I was so angry at cancer, which we all know does no good!! But after a minute of self pity and sadness I realized that everything that all of us who are touched by cancer (which is all of us in one way or another) go thru, will be saving lives down the road. It can be SO hard to try understand why this happens, but one thing is for sure...something is learned from every angel gained, and from warriors who survive. All of this knowledge will save lives. For all I know, Charli's cancer may save the life of her children...or your grandchildren. I have to trust and have faith that God has a bigger picture for all of this, more than what we may see in the snapshot of our life. I will not give up the HOPE that all of the pain and suffering will do good for others. Call me naive, I have been called worse, but that is what helps me sleep on nights like tonight.


Rachelle said...

You never know what a day will bring. I will pray for Sara and her family and I hope she can find the courage and strength she needs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for posting! It means a lot to have you help us return the favor and get prayer requests going....

Amber said...

A Cancer diagnosis demands so much from us; emotionally, physically and mentally. My heart felt sympathy goes out to anyone who is battling Cancer of any type.

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