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Thursday, October 29, 2009

hey little buddy!

Not too much new at our house. Charli goes to the dentist and Harper had his 4-month check. He was in the 50% for his weight at 14.1 lbs and 95% for his height at 26 3/4". His "melon" was 40%, which we thought would be bigger :-) He did well with his shots, cried until he was picked up...but then was done.

Harper is not old enough for the flu vaccines yet but the rest of us have been covered to help protect him a bit. The flu mist was available in town first so Charli did that, and did it like a champ. Chad took her and said that the mist made his eyes water (some say cry, he says "water"!) but didn't phase her. Harper will be able to get his shot in December, but H1N1 has been hitting our town pretty good, so hopefully having the rest of us covered will help keep him healthy too!!

Charli is big into taking toys and things to daycare each day and on Thursday she picked out the build-a-bear bunny that her daycare made her while she was in the hospital 2 years ago. I told her that she could take it because I thought Lynn might like to see it again, and told her she got it when she was in the hospital. A little later I asked her if she remembered why she was in the hospital and she looked at me and said "the cancer". She has no idea what "cancer" means...but she knows she "had it".

Big trick or treat pictures to come next I imagine! We are not 100% sure what our plans our...but either way I know Charli will get too much candy!

harper in his hat and mittens

Charli eating her donut...which was as big as her head - literally

she just walked up to the box of donuts and grabbed one, this is the look she gave me when she was busted while eating it!

getting ready to build a snowman with daddy!

last friday morning charli woke up and saw it was snowing. She wanted to call her daddy to tell him so I dialed the phone and handed it over. And the end of the conversation I was told daddy was coming home from work to play in the snow. 20 minutes later, he walked in the door! They played in they snow and then he came with for Harper's appointment. We got to have lunch together without any kids, which hasn't probably happened for years...and he went back to work. What a guy.

so happy to see it was snowing!!


she loves to entertain him!

getting ready to go to church.
Still to this day if I tell her I want to take her picture, she goes to this spot!!

chilling while we get his sister ready for bed!

this is how I found him. already in training....

but it sure made him a happy monkey!

I tried about 3 times to get this rotated, and it would always post this way. sorry :-)

"two girls" as Charli refers to us as....

playing with dad at the shop....

the baby blue and light yellow sure don't make him look too tan :-)


Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

Mmmmmm! That donut looks deeeeelicious! Great pictures, Brenda...can't wait to see the munchkins in their costumes! XXXXOOOO

The Hudcaps said...

What a daddy is right!! What a great day to spend together. That donut looks yummy. Does she try to give Harper a taste?