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Sunday, November 01, 2009

trick or treat!! :-)

Does anyone need some extra candy?!! We seem to have surplus of it at our house.

This year was going to be Charli's first year of "full" trick or treating...but we had a last minute change of plans. Her two girl cousins (Ryen and Macey) happened to pick the same costume as Charli, so all three girls were going to travel around together! But, Macey ended up getting sick with the cruddy stuff going around :-( Charli still had fun though. We went to her Aunt and Uncles house to hand out candy and then went to trick or treat at the farm. Just as we drove into the farm dad told us that he had cattle out, so we literally threw the kids in the house and took off to move cattle. Typical life of a "farmer", doesn't really matter whats going on - cattle come first!! :-) It was Chad's first time doing this for my dad, so it was kind of fun to see him help! I haven't ran that far in a long time, luckily the cows turned in the drive way on their own, and I didn't have to run the entire way :-) All 61 were safe and sound at the end of the night!!

Anyway, hope you all had a nice Halloween and made some great memories with your friends and family too!! As you will see, Charli is Minnie Mouse and Harper is a dinosaur!

Harper - Charli - Braxton

"been trick-or-treating long"?!

two little thumb suckers...well three if grandpa could have gotten ahold of his hands :-)

Colton - Charli - Harper....poor Harper! Colton is, rough life!

Colton and Charli. He was a football player that played baseball he told me!

Harper - Charli - Braxton



no comments on which mask if the scariest...

just the two of 'em :-)

she tried to life them after we carved them...the lids kind of come off!!

i tried to get her to eat the goo...she wasn't into it!

"she can dig it"

her exact words..."mmm, smells like lemonade"

Charli's pretty hair, courtesy of Lynn!

she is "so strong"

for the record, I am so mad at my camera. A great picture of the two of them and for some reason my camera "ate" 1/3 of the picture :( On Friday Charli dressed up in her halloween garb from grandma and grandpa preister and Harper was a "hunter"!

even wearing hunters orange! Believe it or not...this was a hand-me-down from his sister :-) (I didn't realize how many boy clothes she owned!!! I guess I thought if you put pink with anything it would girl it up, if the occasion called for it!!)


Anonymous said...

I love the costumes!! They both look so cute,wish we could of seen you all! Jen

Deqlan said...

aawww so cute! they all looked adorable! Have a lovely week God Bless love us

Natalie said...

I love the one-eyed monster!! :) Charlie made a very cute Minnie Mouse too! Hey, you should just crop that picture of them....wonder why your camera did that!!???

The Hudcaps said...

They were so cute. Love that Minnie. And Harper, what a cutie. I could eat him up!!

Rachelle said...

Lol Brenda - I can just picture you chasing cows! Glad they all got back safe and sound! :o)

The kids are adorable! Charli looks so pretty in her Minnie Mouse costume and Harper is the cutest dinosaur I have ever seen! I'm happy you guys had a great weekend - great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Cute and Adorable in every single way! Love the pics! Glad you had a great Halloween weekend and happy to hear all cows were accounted for!! :)