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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

quick update....

Wanted to send a quick update before I felt like time got away from me!!

I was lucky enough to participate in some state-wide training for the ACS (American Cancer Society) this weekend. Janelle and I presented a course to 50+ about leadership/development "type" stuff for team captains for the Relay For Life. We had a good time...since we were focusing on "team" stuff we had a sports theme and we 'sported' husker gear for our session!!! Janelle even out did herself and got us the little black things for under our eyes!! This is our "football" pose! We look tuff, right?!!

I am very excited to share with everyone some awesome recognition Platte County got this weekend at the event. We were the #3 event in the STATE of Nebraska for money raised! We had over $216,000 for ONE event! The #2 and #1 counties had over $400,000 but also had four or five events. Yeah, we rocked!!

Other awesome news...and this is owed to a LOT of you reading this now...Charli's Angels was the #3 team in the STATE this year!! That is amazing!!! WHOOP WHOOP!! We really proved that our county can run with the "big dogs" in Nebraska...heck, we are one of the big dogs :-) I am super honored to be able to be co-chairing the event again next year!


Anonymous said...

You two girls made "cute team
captains"...........good work!!
Cute pictures BUT why is my Grandson all wrapped up in a "pink" blanket???
I really enjoyed Harper and Charli this past week end.

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...


Great Pictures Brenda! Thanks for sharing. XXXXOOOOPPPP

Rachelle said...

Congratulations Brenda! That is such awesome news! You and Janelle make quite the pair in your Husker outfits! The kids are so cute - Harper is getting so big! Pink is in!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the kids pics. love them!
Apparently you are the running back and my dream of defensive something or another awaits.
Had a great time with you in GI.

Anonymous said...

These are cute pics! You look hot to trot in your NE jersey!! Glad the conference went so well!!

The Hudcaps said...

Looks like your training was a success. Seems like this last month was such a blur I haven't been very good at paying attention to what has been going on around me. Sorry about that. The pics of the kiddos are cute. Wish we could see them more in person. Crazy.