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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Andrew Go!!!!

We had such a fun weekend!!

It start Friday night when Charli and I met the Preister side in Humphrey to eat while Jen, Justin, and Conner were back from Colorado! Brad and Chad already made plans to be in Norfolk at a hunting fundraiser so they weren't able to be there. But...we got to enjoy the kids talking back and forth! After we ate I thought Charli might have fun if we stopped by the football game in town, so we ran down there to watch a few minutes of the game!! On the heels of last weekends game in Lincoln, watching Andrew play, Charli started to chant "go Andrew, go Andrew!"

Saturday I got to watch the girls while Shawn and Rachelle went to the game in Lincoln! The girls had a GREAT time playing together...a GREAT time!!

Sunday we went back to the farm to see Randy and Kara! Again..the kids had a great time! Mom and dad, although they just added on to the house, do not have enough room for their ever-growing family!!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!

this is Charli's face when she is laughing at me -- after she locked herself in my car, WITH THE KEYS INSIDE!!!!!!!!

ha ha mom...I am in here and you are in there!!

Charli was their little dolly!

the little girls with the fuzzy hair!!

I was the dolly next!!


"go huskers, go big red, go blue" -- this was their cheer!!

This is Ryen teaching them a cheer!

bath time is "fun"!!!

time for bed!!

pretty hat, pretty scarf, pretty shoes...who needs pants?!

fun on the couch!

I know for a FACT when I tried to jump on the couch I never got tickled by grandpa because of it!!! Grandkids get to have all the fun!!!


The Wiechman's said...

What a fun weekend with the cousins!

Rachelle said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. You guys always have so much fun! Wonderful photos! Come over and visit our blog when you get a chance ~ I've got an award for you!

Shevy said...

Thanks for checking in on us. Ky's MRIs came back clean. That sedation stinks! After living a tiny bit of your Hell I admire your strength so much! I am sad to say that a little boy who's here at the same time as Ky didn't get the good news we did. They found NB. :( Glad to see that you're all doing well and had such a fun weekend!

Natalie said...

Love that she locked you out of the vehicle! She's so funny!