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Thursday, September 04, 2008

big month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, seems like we were just advocating this last September. That was such a tough month for me personally, it was probably the first "real" time I dealt with what we went through. It seems like I had a really tough couple of weeks, and then tried to let that get behind me.

This year I have been trying (on more than one occasion!) to contact our local paper ( to do an article about Childhood Cancer, and at this point haven't even gotten a reply back. So, if you have a few minutes maybe you could drop them (either the editor or the publisher) a note letting them know how important it is to educate about this issue. I have even offered to interview local families in the area for them, so I hope they will bite at the subject. I am not looking for an article to be done on Charli, but the other kids and families who have been affected by this - and what it means to a family to receive this diagnosis. The truth is - kids in our area will get cancer, and kids will die from it. Unless a cure is found, lives will be lost.

In the meantime there are many ways that WE can offer up our help to this cause. By visiting this site and watching the very short clips about childhood cancer, and what it is like living with it, certain companies will donate money for each video watched! I am trying to watch each video every day!! This is a way for all of us to donate to the cause without spending a cent of our own money!!

Of course there are many other groups who need our money as well - sites I have talked about in the past. Alex's Lemonade Stand, Lunch for Life, Angels Among Us, Coins for Kids, etc All of these organizations are so deserving.

Tomorrow night on the "main" network channels STAND UP TO CANCER will be one. I urge you to watch this. I am anxious to see if childhood cancer is needs to be. We will see.

I will also write more about my new role with the American Cancer Society. I think I have failed to mention anything about my new venture with them and what the future may be holding.

Thanks for checking in on us. We appreciate your support and hope you know how much that means to us!


Anonymous said...

I can't get the link to work...Jonell

The Preister's said...

The link is up and working now!! Thanks for letting me know!