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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

While all of us enjoy our weekend, I ask that everyone please take some special time on Sunday the 13th, to honor the first EVER Childhood Cancer Awareness Day! This day is monumental in the success of finding a cure for our kids.

I will be traveling on this day, and it completely breaks my heart (to say the least) that I will not be able to spend this day with the one I love the most…the one who this day was regretfully created for. Charli is a warrior. Those of you who have met her know this! She is a tough cookie who has changed the world we all live in, and she doesn’t even know it. THIS DAY IS FOR HER.

If you are able to do something special to mark this day, I would love to hear about it! Some parents are tying gold balloons outside of their homes to release at 7:00 PM with their childs name, story, or inspiration on them to share with the world. Whatever you do, it will be special to you and that is what ultimately matters. We would love to hear what you did, or see pictures of it too!!

We are getting one step closer to eradicating cancer…I PRAY that one day we will have to dig out a dusty old history book to truly explain to Charli what cancer is. PLEASE help me make this a reality for my daughter, my unborn children…and yours.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!!


Amanda said...

Yes, we're wearing shirts, and who knows what else? Hey, if you get a chance before you leave, can you email me your address so that I can get your necklaces to you? :) They're $35 each, and when you email me, I'll email you my address. I emailed you earlier, too...hope you're doing ok! VERY exciting about Relay, that's for sure! :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Hi. I came here via Rachelle who wrote a post about this day. I also know a little girl who is now five who battled neuroblastoma. I believe she is only a year or so away from being declared "cured" (I guess there must be 5 years of remission or something like that to get that declaration).

Your daughter looks like a bundle of joy!

AndreaChad said...

Thinking of Charli and all the other children today on this day created for them! Hope you had safe travel!