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Thursday, November 15, 2007

a victory that needs repeated

This is a victory....

Bill expands childhood cancer research, monitors cancer trends and provides
resources for patients and their families

November 14th, 2007 - Washington DC - The Senate Health, Education, Labor and
Pensions (HELP) Committee today approved Senators Norm Coleman (R-MN) and
Jack Reeds (D-RI) Conquer Childhood Cancer Act of 2007, which would provide $30
million per year through 2012 to expand childhood cancer research, create a
national database to evaluate cancer trends and provide resources to patients
and families affected by childhood cancer.

Childhood cancer is a disease that affects far too many Minnesota families,
said Coleman. While we have seen improvements in survivorship rates, cancer
remains the number one killer of children. We have the minds, we have the
technology, all we need is to empower our researchers, physicians and families
with the tools they need to confront this disease. I applaud the HELP committee
for recognizing the importance of this bill and moving it one step closer to
the President's desk

Specifically, the legislation will allocate $30 million per year through 2012

Provide funding for critical biomedical research programs aimed at preventing
and curing childhood cancer and improving the lives of children with
pediatric cancers;

Support a national childhood cancer database to monitor the incidence of
pediatric cancers, identify cancer causes and aid in the development of prevention
strategies and cures;

Foster clinical and translational research for pediatric oncologists
especially in the early stages of their career development; and

Provide informational and educational services to patients and families
affected by childhood cancer to help ensure access to the best available therapies
for pediatric cancers.

More than 12,000 American children are diagnosed with cancer each year and
more than 2000 more will succumb to this tragedy. In Minnesota, about 160
children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer and about 25 children die of
cancer each year. Based on current rates, it is estimated that 1 of every 385
children in Minnesota will be diagnosed with a cancer before age 15.

Leroy Coleman, (202) 224-5641


Anonymous said...

That is GREAT NEWS. There shouldnt be any child who has to die from cancer. They are our future. If they cant survive how will the human race? Beautiful pics and video too Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! More to follow...I hope.

Sheila Ferrell said...

I have never been so disappointed in some of my family members until this evening. My dad was reading some table top get to know you cards and one of the questions were if you were able to choose to be a rich movie star or a poor scientist who discovered a cure for cancer which would you be. Well half of my family voted to be a rich movie star because curing cancer would increase the population, etc. etc. I was so flabberghasted. I would give my life to cure cancer so precious children such as yours would not have to suffer this terrible disease.
I think that most people think of cancer as only an adult disease and they don't realize that cancer has no age prerequisite. I always have wondered if that is why childhood cancer doesn't get the support as others. I think the majority of people would be sincerely surprised to realize how many people have been effected with this awful disease.
Sorry to vent but I was just so darn angry. I have so come to love Charli, Kayla, Kennedy, Angel Christi and the many others that I have only been honored enough to "know" their story. I may never hold these precious children in my arms but I will forever hold them in my heart.

NB Warrior said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Thanksgiving before I forgot to do it. =)

Hope you got my email and have a wonderful holiday with your family. It is going to be VERY special this year. =)