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Monday, November 26, 2007

for all who are thankful

I have a lot I would like to say (are you surprised!) so I will probably break this up into two posts!

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day, as you all know! I hope everyone had a great day and a nice weekend break from the usual routine. Our Thanksgiving supper went pretty well I think. I didn't hear any complaints, I will put it that way. My sister Vicki and part of her family came down a little early to visit and help me get things was a big help! Including the two kids, we had 14 people - it was a good house full for my small house! It was so nice to have the house full though, aside from Charli's party it was the first time I had a house full of people! Now I know why people like to entertain at their homes, it felt nice to see and feel all the fellowship in our house!

Those who were able to attend were:
my mom & Dad (Sandra & Charlie)
Vicki, Aaron, Colton
Deb, Dillon
Amanda, Brad
Charli's Great-Grandma Preister
and our neighbor Jacky
(and of course - Brenda, Chad, and Charli!!!)

For those of you reading - thank you for coming and spending this very special Thanksgiving with us. I know that every Thanksgiving I would try to think of something special to be thankful for, but this was certainly different. Although, I find things daily to be thankful for...this Thanksgiving Day seemed to be pretty encompassing of all I have to be thankful for!

On Friday Amanda and Dillon came down to make a ginger bread house! I bought a kit for Amanda to use, because one caught her eye last week and I thought she would like it! I, on the other hand, was going to make mine from scratch! However, what I didn't take into consideration how tired and lazy I would be! The first two sides turned out and baked really nice! The other four sides were too thick, solely because of my laziness of not rolling them thin enough. So, if anyone would like to see my gingerbread house...please see my trashcan! I gave up, I admit it! Amanda's house is amazing! I will make sure she sends me a picture of her finished project so I can share it with everyone! She did a great job, and most importantly I think she had fun!

Sunday we had Cohen's baptism at Looking Glass. It was a nice day spent with the family again! We TRIED to get a good family picture - as it was the first time everyone was together, without a baby on the way (that we know of!!!!) in many-many years! But, of course I don't think we got one good picture! It was a neat feeling to have everyone in one spot! I must admit, I didn't think that the little ole Borg family would ever take up three pews at church...but we sure did!!!

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Anonymous said...

I DID have fun making my gingerbread house...wish yours would've made it!!!:) That should be our yearly black-Friday tradition.(or whatever they call that day). Thanks for the FUN!!!