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Monday, November 26, 2007

Band of Parents

If there is anyone out there looking for Christmas ideas for anyone in my family or for your own family, come see me! I have so many ideas of gifts that can be purchased while raising money for Childhood Cancer and Neuroblastoma...I would like to share!

For example: (click on any item to be directed to their site!)
holiday cards

These are all gifts that anyone can use! So...ask me about them!

More specifically I would like to tell you about a special group of parents called the "Band of Parents". You can learn more about this group at These parents are raising money by selling cookies, just in time for the holidays! I ordered some, although I like to make cookies this time of year...because it will save me some time and be going to a much better and greater cause! They also have a store with many awesome gift ideas! In fact...there are several shirts on there that I would like myself!!!

I know it is hard this time of year to make ends meet, buy Christmas gifts, and donate money as you may like to. That is why groups like this are so can donate money to a well deserving cause while you are taking care of some of your Christmas shopping as well!!!! It is a win-win!! And, I am not sure if I will share the cookies I got - so you might want to get your own!! Just teasing of course, but we can never have too many great cookies this time of year!

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