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Thursday, November 29, 2007

let's talk

Charli has been talking a bit more every day! Tonight, everything was "WOW" - it was cute! Of course, once I got the video camera out she stopped!!

She loves her book bag that she got from her Great-Aunt Vicki for her birthday, here are few pictures of her showing it off tonight!


Anonymous said...

How adorable ... just like her cousins with the backpack - what a great gift. Just wait, pretty soon she will back the bag full of all kinds of things you will need later and can't find:-) As cute as she is --- I am sure glad she is MY niece!

AndreaChad said...

I love it when kids wear backpacks that cover most of their body! She is beautiful Brenda and Chad...she has such a sweet look on her fact in those pics!

Anonymous said...

just think...won't be long and she will be wearing that backpack to preschool!!!!!!!!!!!! what a DOLLY!!!!~aunt amanda

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures.