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Friday, November 30, 2007

i walk for life...

So, today I went to the dentist to get a broken tooth fixed - left with a root canal. Let me tell you, had the time of my life! I am feeling pretty good now, but it does hurt!

While sitting in the chair I joked with my Dr. that "I was blessed with great teeth". (those of you who know me and my family, you know this is a lie!!!) He told me "better to have bad teeth than a bad heart". Thank you for putting that into perspective for me! That is so true. Of all the things to be "bad", my teeth are minor and I should be happy that they are my only concern at the moment! Just a reminder of how much we take for is easy to find something to complain about every day. It takes more energy to find the good things, but it is so much more rewarding! I actually left there (in pain) but feeling glad that it was my only worry of the day! I do not have to worry about what my child or I will wear tomorrow in the utterly cold weather, and I don't have to worry about where we will find warmth in the upcoming storms. I can't even imagine, those are REAL worries...I have nothing to complain about.

Off to more chipper things...

This morning, my day started off great. I got a call from Chad's aunt Janelle confirming that Charli will be the honorary Chair for the 2008 Platte County Relay for Life. This is amazing for so many reasons! #1 This will help raise awareness of Childhood Cancer! It is not as uncommon as people think. However, it is uncommon enough that people don't dare entertain the thought that children do die from this "adult" monster. #2 It will be a great opportunity to introduce different organizations who desperately need funding to fight these monsters in our children. And, finally #3 It will be, I hope, an eyeopening experience for others to see what it is like to have a child with cancer. I know that they are thousands of other families out there who have it so much worse than we do. However, they need to spend their time and energy caring for their children. Right now we are able to do these things because we have been blessed with Charli's health, so it is very important that we cease these opportunities to do whatever we can.

For those of you who have attended the Relay for Life in Columbus, you know that it is a great event that gets a lot of recognition. Charli's luminaries will solely spell the word CURE that will be in the grandstand. It will be amazing. I am not sure who to thank for this "honor" and opportunity, but whoever you are...I hope you are reading this. Since the beginning of this I have wanted nothing more than to make a difference, I appreciate the opportunity to try to do this.

PS. Our team will be called "Charli's Angels" and I will post more about the event and our team as the event draws near! I am a team captain along with Chad's aunts Janelle and Janice. I know that they will do a great job, and I am excited to see all of their hard work, love, and energy go into this great event!!!!!

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