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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

live with purpose

Charli and I played in the leaves yesterday after we got home, she had a lot of fun!

Gosh!! I feel like I have so much to say, it has been awhile since I have posted a real “Charli” update. I don’t really know where to start, so forgive me if I am all over the place!

This weekend Charli did a lot of playing! Friday night her cousins Ryen & Macey came over. They were a ball to watch. Ryen (4) was such a big sister to Charli, and Charli even did things that Ryen did…even if it was “naughty”…like “love tapping” Macey. NO-NO!!! In fact, later this weekend I told Ryen that she is like a big sister to Charli, and to remember anything good or bad she does Charli will want to do too! She looked at me like, wow—too much responsibility! They all got on their little tractors (or whatever they could find) and drove all over the house, it was fun to watch! They were all very good to each other.

how cute...Macey is doing the same thing as Chad - adorable!

Saturday Charli had another play date with Paydon, he is the same age as Charli. We went to Aaron & Heather’s house for supper and the kids just did their own thing. They were shy at first (Charli was), but they started to play together, and then they just kind of went off on their own. When we left, they even gave kisses. It was adorable! I told Paydon he was going to have sweet dreams about Charli that night, and he giggled so cute!


Sunday we went out to the farm, so Charli got to play with the girls again AND her cousin Colton! It was a fun day…it really showed all of us that our parents house is not big enough to hold our ever-growing family anymore!

While we were there, I went out to help Chad “dig” and let Rachelle and the girls handle Charli for a bit. When I came in Ryen told me that she had something very important to tell me. While I was gone she discovered Charli’s port (where she get her medicine through). She said, “I don’t want Charil to have cancer ever again.” That little girl breaks my heart! I know she is only 4, but she really seems to “get it” when it comes to Charli being sick. I gave her a hug, and said I don’t either. It is sad to think that a 4-year-old little girl even knows what “cancer” is…and to know that someone she loves was sick from it. She (Ryen) has a baby-doll “Austin” that is sick with cancer. I can’t remember if I told this story or not…but I am going to tell it again! To make a long story short Ryen told my mom (grandma!) that her baby (Austin) was very sick, he had cancer. No one could told Austin but mommy. He couldn’t go outside, and he couldn’t play with other kids, but, it made him feel better if he could go on a walk and be sung to. She also said that Austin had two more treatments before he would be ok again. He went to a big building in Omaha to get better. Isn’t that a precious story? To think that a 4-year old can grasp the illness leaves no excuse for adults who “don’t get it”. I know that certain details will always be in Ryen’s memory…like not being able to see Charli when they came back to visit. It brings tears to my eyes to think that ANY child has to understand that…it is hard for me to understand it now.

Moving on, to something less sad – Charli!! She is getting to be so hilarious! She is turning into a great listener! She is very good at putting things away, getting things, and understands so many things now! She crosses her arms, swings them back and forth when she is “bored”, raises her arm when you ask “where’s Charli”, and puts her hands up when you ask her a question as if to say “I don’t know!” She is the love of my life, and I can’t imagine how I could love her more – but each day I love her more than the day before! I invite everyone to come visit sometime soon so you can see her for yourself – she can do things to warm your heart like nothing I have ever seen before. She is a miracle in so many way.

Now I finally understand, “they grow up too fast”.

I feel like I could go on for days about her – but I better stop…I’ve written more than I planned already! I will write more about her appointment Friday. We got back to Omaha for her “routine” CT scan. We expect nothing but good news. No news is good news, and that is the plan! Also…remember that Keira goes in on that same day – keep her in prayer.

Please remember to check out the other children located to the right, and the Lunch for Life site as well! AND- click on the link to give free mammograms, it is listed above (below Charli’s picture)…it is a very important cause!

Thanks for loving our daughter, and sharing in her life!

I found this is of Chad & Charli sleeping after one of Charli's precious is this?! (old but timeless)

I made these "ghosts" for a fundraiser at work...they both sold!


AndreaChad said...

Charli gets more cute every time you update!!! Kids really are amazing as to what they can comprehend even when you think that they are not listening or understanding!!! Prayers with you as you enter the weekend!! xoxo

Sheila Ferrell said...

Charli is absolutely one of the sweetest baby girls. It is so obvious that she is so loved and extremely happy. I pray that Keira and Charli's test both go very well tomorrow. How proud you must be to be the parents of such a precious gift from God.

Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

Thinking of you guys always! Charli you are so cute! We need to come and visit sometime!! Best wishes for good news.

Shevy said...

It's funny how much a one year old can pick up from a four year old! We're praying (like always) that the scans come out great for you tomorrow! :)

Stacy from Michigan said...

Keeping you in my prayers for tomorrow and always!! The picture of Chad and Charli is priceless. How did you make your ghosts that you sold at work...they are adorable...if you get time, please email me. God Bless the Preister Family!!

Shevy said...

I fight Ky every four hours (we're not giving them to her at daycare. don't trust them enough to fight with Ky and try to put drops in) to get her drops in her eyes. I put her in her high chair and put the bottle in the corner of her eye (right by the tear duct) and that seems to work better than fighting her to pry her eye open. Are Charli's eyes doing better?

Anonymous said...

Those memories are so precious....and you are right, they do grow up too fast.

My prayers will be with you all tomorrow.

Have a great weekend,
Anamaria and Jacob