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Sunday, October 07, 2007

the extreme

I know this is late, and I am sorry! I hope that ALL of you are watching Home Extreme Makeover tonight. The family that they are helping is from Oregon and has a little girl (8 years old, I think) fighting cancer. She had stage three pediatric cancer, and was able to fight the beast. She has now relapsed into stage four that has spread into her bone and marrow. What an amazing family and little girl. So many things that they have said hit so close to home, I hope you are all able to catch it to not only see it for yourself, but get a glimpse into what we have felt.

I am so excited about the awareness this will raise to the cause, what a brave little girl. What a strong family.


Rachelle said...

It was a great program ... as many of the makeovers are. This one however had our full attention the entire progame, we hope that is touched other people's hearts like it did ours!

Glad you had a great weekend, sorry we did not get to see you. Hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking I should call you and tell you it was on...and I got so engrossed, as always, I forgot. She, and the rest of her family, was so strong! What an inspirational little girl! There is so much we can learn from an 8 year old, and even a 2 year old. So many wonderful messages!

Glad to hear you all had a fantastic weekend! ~Janelle

Anonymous said...

...and a 1 year know what I meant.