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Thursday, October 18, 2007

“Calling all Angels”

Okay everyone…I have a challenge for you! Actually, it is more of an invitation. There is a group in Omaha, NE called “Angels Among Us”, and they truly are angels. They are a group of women who raise funds to help families affected by childhood cancer in Nebraska. They offer this help by giving financial assistance to families, by paying their bills directly.

Sadly, funds are not always available each month for those that they would like to help. But, there is a way that we can help with this! On November 17, 2007 they are having a fundraising meal in Omaha, called “Calling All Angels”, it is an evening event from 5:00-10:00ish. At this event, they will have raffles, silent auction items, as well as a live auction to end the night. This is a great way to donate locally, and have fun while doing it! I know so many people have talked to me about donating to a particular cause, but have not decided where to do it yet. Although, this money does not go to research and cure funding, it does matter JUST AS MUCH.

Parents with children battling cancer sacrifice a lot. By having this tremendous group available, it helps ease the pain and anxiety about loosing work, commuting for treatment, and still having to put groceries on the table, pay insurance, pay you mortgage, or even by putting safe tires on your vehicle. They have helped families in a variety of ways, in addition to those listed above. You can visit their site at (there is also a link to the right) to learn more about all the great things they do.

Tickets are $100 each. If you are interested in going, please let me know. We have been blessed with great family members that have already committed to going, so there will be a “Charli cheering section”! We would love to add to the group! Please let me know. So far, I believe we have 11 attendees! There will be pictures of local children affected by childhood cancer, as well as artwork provided by these children. I feel it will be a very moving and motivating event, bringing much of life into perspective.

If you are not able to attend, but would still like to help this well deserving group, let me know. There are several ways you can donate to their foundation.

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Stacy from Michigan said...

What an incredible group of people...if we only lived closer, we would be there!!! I hope someday...I can make a difference like they are...What an inspiration. Thank you for sharing!!! Praying for the Preisters!!