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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

honesty makes the world turn

Have any of you ever seen the show "John & Kate plus 8"? It is a show about a family who had a set of twins, followed by a set of sextuplets. I have only caught it a few times, but I really enjoy it. This couple seems to be honest all the time about whatever it is going on in their life! Why can't everyone be like that?

I really dislike when people try to act like things don't go wrong in their lives. I totally understand trying to be strong, and not let things get you down. But, the truth is - bad and annoying things happen to everyone. So, if we were all honest about it...when it happens to our friend, sister, brother, neighbor, etc it wouldn't seem as bad for that person - because they would know that they aren't alone. Does that make sense?

I will give you an example!
Right after I had Charli, I had about four days where I was really sad! I wanted Chad to be home all the time, and when he wasn't I felt bad. When he did get home from work I wanted him to be inside with us, even though it was still summer and the yard needed mowed etc. He was great at making me feel better and helping me snap out of it! Looking back I was only sad at night, when he would be home and had to do other things...I wasn't sad all day. But, I thought I was so strange for feeling that way because no one talks about that. Well, after the fact I tried to make it my mission to let my friends know that it happened to them - just as a warning! As I started to talk about it, I was told by many friends that it happened to them too. WHAT?! Why didn't you warn me if you knew it could happen?! Why...because people are too proud to admit that something wasn't perfect. I don't get it.

I have always been the first to admit that when it comes to many things I feel like (and generally don't) have a clue! I just wish that others weren't always to proud to do the same! No one has the perfect life, and in my opinion if we would just communicate our problems, downfalls, and issues everyone would have an easier time!!! If your experience can help someone through their experience I think you owe it to them to help!!


Anonymous said...

So Very true! You and I were just talking about that very thing so you know how I feel about that!!!

Dimple Queen said...

I have been "stopping by" your site for some time now. I even added you to my side bar so that I can keep up with your little one and know how to better pray for her. I have been struggling with the very same thing... the "unopened hearts" of others. How are we suppose to help those around us if we never share our struggles? How are we suppose to know how to lift them up to the Lord if we don't know how to pray for them? Sure, we can be generic with our prayers, but I know I would rather someone pray for specifics where I am concerned. Thank you for posting your heart!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honesty and hope you know that you can count on me for a listening ear or "extra" prayers when ever you need them. I understand what you mean about others sharing their honest feelings. I get so frustrated sometimes when I hear how someone I care about has gone through a difficult or painful experience and I learn about it after the fact...especially believing and knowing how powerful and effective prayer can be. Thank you, Brenda, for the prayers you have offered when I have shared with you...and for those you offer when I haven't. Know that I am always near and I care...I really do and I will do my best to keep it honest :) Jody

Sheila said...

I like watching this show also! Even though I don't have kids I watch in amazement how others cope and enjoy life! I also agree with you about others not being honest about their feelings. It is comforting knowing others go through the same things you do and understand!