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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

such a big girl...

I took Charli in to have her counts checked again today. I think we have done this about 12 times total, and she has yet to cry! All the nurses tell me how tough she is!! She just watches them and wants to eat whatever they have in their hands!!

Her red count went up like it should, and her white count went up by the thousands since Saturday. But, her platelets have gone down some. They are not low enough to need a transfusion at this point, but they have just consistently gone down over the last week. We hope by Friday (our next check) they have started to rise, so we can move on to round number three!

Charli seems to be a little more tired this week. One of the symptoms of having a low red count is tiredness and light skin, both of which came after the fact. I pray that this is not the reaction she has from treatment from now on.

Below are two pictures of the shirts that were made for Charli’s benefit. If you are interested in one they are $8.00, just let me know! We have youth and adult sizes. We also have bracelets that were made for her that say “live with purpose” they are cute!

I have also found so many other stories that I would love to share about other neuroblastoma (NB) fighters, sadly there just isn't time to tell them all. However, I would like to pass along some wondeful words I have heard from them..

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved" ~ Helen Keller

Our goal is to not just survive this horrible disease, but to become better people because of it. Please pray for us while we take this journey.


And lastly, a few more pictures of Charli - just because I can't help myself :-)


Anonymous said...

God Bless you Brenda! Those pictures brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful child.

NB Warrior said...

I love the T-shirts! How funny.... we made T-Shirts for Isabella as well! ;o)

I hope her platelets go up so that she doesn't need a transfusion.

Have a great time this weekend... I sent you a message saying that the 29th is Isabella's birthday.. =)

Anonymous said...

Morning Brenda! I love the shirts and cannot wait to get ours! Can't wait to see you all this weekend! **HUGS**

Unknown said...

brenda, i would love to buy a couple of shirts. do you have toddler sizes, because if you do, i'll get one for aiden. i can send you a check in the mail or paypal it to you, if you have paypal, but i want two adult xl and if you have them a 4t, if not just the two adult.

i'm sorry we can't be there this weekend, but we will be in spirit.

Anonymous said...


I will send you an email ordering some more T-shirts. We are eager to get up there on Saturday. We think we will get to Columbus around 3:00. See you then. I was glad to read of Charli's news. AJ

Anonymous said...

Brenda--How do we order the t-shirts? I need one adult XL and 3 adult Large--who and how should I pay???? Also, are they selling the bracelets?

Glad to hear that overall the counts were better. I'll pray that the platelets go up.

Love to all, cousin Jonell

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, Brenda. Glad her counts are better. Although I can't be near her right now, I continue to pray for her daily...and I miss her so very much. Sign "I love you" to Charli from Grandma for me :)