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Friday, April 20, 2007

Don't you know....

how great my friends are?! Today, which is probably one of the hardest days I have had yet – I had four people do great things for me that were wonderful pick-me-ups! I had someone at the coffee shop give me a free smoothie, a friend send me flowers, another friend dropped off a card and several homemade headbands for Charli and a handmade card from her son, and a friend send me a wonderfully nice email – just to say that she understands. Am I blessed or what. Kind of like God saying… “listen up Brenda…you have too much to be happy about to waste time being sad!”. I think it worked girls – so THANK YOU!!

Just some cute pictures of Charli…are there any other kind?!!
This is one of the bows that my mommy's friend Linda made me...I look like a present!

Here read this book! IS the new black, ya know!

Just laying on the shirts that were made for me!!

I am training to be a cheerleader!


on your marks, get set....go!

all this playing is a lot of work...I need to rest!!

I am not sure if I am happy or sad, but whatevr I am...I AM CUTE!


Anonymous said...

What darling pictures............and I am so glad to know that things are "looking up" and----my goodness, you have wonderful friends. I think it is because you have been such a good friend youself. I just can hardly wait for Macey and Charli to be able to play together.

NB Warrior said...

I love the pictures!! And I am so glad that you have what sounds like such a wonderful support system around you. ;o)

Sending prayers your way!

Your friend,