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Friday, April 27, 2007

the highs and lows!

Not much to update, which is good!

Charli’s counts were pretty good for the most part. Her platelets are still dropping, but the doctor I spoke with today felt that they should reach their lowest point soon and start to rise up again before Tuesday, which is when we get checked again. They are 74,000 today, and need to be above 100,000 for treatment. This doesn’t seem like a lot. However, if they continue to dip – it could postpone treatment. For example, her counts went from 280,000 to 70,000 in one week.

Other than that…nothing to report. Her white and red count look good, which we were expecting but are still thankful for!

Thank you to all of you who have purchased shirts! I am afraid that I have already had to turn some of you down, because we are out of your size. Just so you know, we have adult large –XXXL and youth small available yet. So, there is still a chance to get them on Sunday if you fit into that size bracket! We also have several bracelets that you can pick up yet too!

Charli had a good day today – she got to see her Aunt & Uncle (and baby cousin) from Iowa, and hope to play with them again tomorrow! Oh, and we got to pop into daycare for about 5 minutes to say hi and tell them that we miss them! The kids were playing outside, enjoying this nice weather!

Well, everyone look for new pictures after the weekend!
God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear that Charli got to see some of her old friends at daycare and just for a moment forgot all about those pesky labs and that darn hair. Those little moments will help keep your sanity (and hers too~smile) Hopefully we will see you at the benefit Sunday.
Jennifer Calahan

Anonymous said...

That is neat that Charli got to stop by Lynns' house. And I know that J & J Widhelm were glad to finally see her again.
Hope Charli is having a good day.
I keep praying for those ##'s to go up on their own.

gma b.

Compound said...

Hey there! I hope Charli is good to go on her next appt. I sent a check for a shirt and a bracelet, but if you are out, don't worry about it-keep the was more about Charli than the shirt anyway.
Much Love
Alli Monroe GA
DelilahBlue on

Anonymous said...

hi...just wanted 2 say thanks 4 letting us hang out w/ you and chad n charli-we had fun!! justin n i wish our lil guy was here already but will wait!!! wish we could have stayed longer!!! love ya all, jen n justin n lil widhalm xoxoxo