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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Am I the only one who has heard the phrase "it's on like donkey-kong"!?!!!

Charli loves to wrestle, she will tackle anyone, but most of the time it is just Chad because he will wrestle back! Although, we have gone round and round a few times :-) Anyway...she will run across the room, put her arms in the punching position and say "it's down" (instead of "it's on!!") and as she is running to you say "it's on like donkey-kong"!!!!!

Charli is still loving on her little brother. She likes to give him his paci when he needs it, cover him up, and is sharing her favorite toys with him daily! She generally wants it back the next day, but always gives him something new!!

I love to see his smile, but I think he looks like a fish!!

I find it very ironic that her "most favorite" shirt is her "hand" shirt from the benefit hosted for our family in 2007. This is her "helping hand for Charli Ann" shirt - she puts it on every day that it is in her drawer!

the kids before a wedding this weekend...Charli didn't want her picture taken at all - until Harper was getting his :-)

grandpa's playing in the sand!! They were all a mess!

Happy Birthday daddy!!!
Thank you to grandma & grandpa preister and grandma & grandpa borg for babysitting so Chad and I could go out for dinner that night!!

I think Harper has outgrown Wynston!

I was too slow with my camera, but she had her legs crossed so ladylike!

the fish-smile again!! Does anyone else see a fish??

hanging out before running errands

laughing at something...probably his mom :-(


Anonymous said...

I like the picture of Charli and Harper on the couch! Harper looks like a big boy in his shorts and polo!

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Take care, Dennis

Deqlan said...

awww, how gorgeous are your kids Brenda and Chad? Harper growing so quickly, and Charli a real little lady! Happy Birthday Chad!

Anonymous said...

Adorable Adorable ADORABLE! Love these new pics. Landon wears his Charli "hand" shirt all the time as well, he loves it! He sleeps in it a lot too, cuz it's so cozy. Harper is growing like a! I mean, weed! ;) You're so funny. Thanks for the updated pics!