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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Just have to say I did enjoy my blizzard tonight, and while I know it is not part of my post-baby diet - I don't care!! Helping the kids was more important, and like my friend Andrea said - this only happens once a year!!

On a side note my parents came down tonight and brought two savings bonds from 1993 they found - I was all excited to see their value. They are $50 bonds so I thought since they are 15+ years old maybe $75. Yeah, not so much...$45. Yet another sign of the times, they estimate it will reach maturity in 2024...2024?!! Charli will be 18 years old before this $50 savings bond will be worth $50 -- 30 years after it was purchased. This took only 7 years in the past. HOW SAD :-(

Charli was in tears tonight because she wants a best friend...and I was informed that Chad, Harper, her imaginary friend Dodie, nor myself could fill this void. Really, it starts at age three that I am already not cool enough for my daughter.

What a day...found out I am not RICH and I already lost my best friend :-(
I am going to bed.... :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh man!! Where did Charli get that from I wonder? Sometimes they come up with some of the strangest things to say!! She will get over it, and you know darn well you're her bestest friend in the whole world!!!
HUGS Momma!

Vinton and Jodi Johnson said...

Brenda-I'm sure you two will be Best Friends for life!

The Hudcaps said...

I am often reminded that I'm not rich. You will always be friends even though she may not want to admit it:). Give her hugs and tell her you'll always be her friend (the kind a parent should be).