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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

adding to the mix!

We haven't had too many things going on to report in our world, which I guess when we really sit down to appreciate that, is a good thing! Chad went on a little hunting adventure this weekend, leaving Saturday morning and coming back Sunday evening. The two kids and I enjoyed our first weekend home together. Charli desperately wanted to go to the park, but given her "daredevil" ways at time, I wasn't sure I was up to a trip to the ER with two kids in tow:-) She was a perfect big sister!
I have never once told her that I don't want Harper to suck his thumb, however...she knows! On two seperate occasions I heard her forcefully "tell" (aka yell) at Harper to "take your thumb out", or "you can not eat your fingers" and replace his hand with his paci! He did it a third time that I know she caught and told me that "he is hungry for fingers today mom"!!
Charli has also started to tell us that Kasper (our "little" white dog) is hungry for whatever it is on her plate that she doesn't want, and then attempts to feed it to him! One of her new favorite phrases is "just kidding"!! She is still sharing her favorite toys with Harper, which is cute...but at times makes our morning go a little slow when she doesn't understand why he won't take it!!
Her favorite past-time right now is coloring or watching her "piggie" (Three little pigs) movie from her birthday!
Harper is 2 months today, and growing a little each day! He is finally out of newborn diapers this week, and starting to outgrow some of his newborn clothes! He will be baptized at our country church this weekend, then then in three short-short weeks I will be back to work full time :-( I wonder if I can ask for an extension?!!

a few weeks ago I posted a picture like this with him in the same outfit...same "pose" - can't wait to compare the two!!

notice "little brothers" BIG smile as "big sister" gives him his paci! This picture is priceless! I walked around the corner and happened to catch it! I know that there are more of these moments to come!

going out to color on the sidewalk while dad is gone! (she wore her deere shirt for daddy this day!)

he is smiling a lot now, and started to giggle :-)

don't you love her beautiful flower she is making in the background!!

I am not sure if thumb sucking is genetic or not, but Chad sucked the same two middle fingers when he was a baby too...thanks dad :s

Charli and Charlie :)


Anonymous said...

Charli, you are such a lil doll!!! Conner likes your "kitty"shirt,AKA puma shirt:)Harper looks like Chad in one of those pics! Glad to hear you ALL had a fun weekend!

The Wiechman's said...

I can't believe he is already 2 months old!! Time has flown by! Sorry your maternity leave is counting down so fast too :(

I love all the pictures and smiles from the Preister kids!

Take care!

Rachelle said...

What cute stories! I can't believe Harper is 2 months old already and that it's almost time for you to go back to work! Glad you had a good weekend alone with the kids. Love all the smiles!

The Hudcaps said...

Keep me posted on the thumb vs. paci war.
Charli is making a very good, responsible sister:).
Great pics.